However, before you have steam shooting out of your ears like you would in a Warner Bros cartoon just know gamers weren’t having to actually fork out this much money. This batch of Xbox Series X pre-orders were only available to “priority” customers that had already put down a deposit.

The way it worked was Currys increased the listed price of the Xbox Series X on their website massively, but also sent eligible customers a code which topped up their £5 deposit with an extra £2,000.

This code, which could only be used on a Xbox Series X console, brought the price customers actually paid down to its RRP. Currys later adopted the same strategy with a recent wave of PS5 pre-orders. The major high-street retailer said this decision was taken due to “exceptionally high” demand.

Speaking previously when these Xbox Series X pre-orders were up, Nick Hayden, Head of Gaming at Currys PC World, said: “The demand for pre-orders of the Xbox Series X and S has been exceptionally high and this unique pricing strategy helps prioritise those who have already pre-ordered.


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