David said: “Of course, we were basically s****ing ourselves. But the manager comes over and asked, ‘OK lads, who actually invited you tonight?

“And I said it was Clive Epstein, brother of the late Brian Epstein, who died the year before.

“The reason I mentioned him is because I met him on holiday four years earlier. I was in Torquay with the family, and they were staying at the same hotel as us, just as Beatlemania was starting up…

“So the manager said, ‘Ok, let’s try and find him then, if we can. So he takes us down one level to the dress circle where all the stars are gathering.”

By an extraordinary spot of luck, David spotted Dick, and despite having never met him before, he asked the music mogul whether Clive was expecting to come along this evening, but was told he had cancelled.


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