In his autobiography, Feel, Robbie spoke of how Sir Elton John checked him into a clinic to help him with his problems while he was still in the band, and he also revealed he was using antidepressants to cope with global fame.

The period surrounding Robbie’s departure was a difficult one for the whole band.

Eventually, after only being together for five years, Robbie was asked to leave the band in 1995 by the other four members, with it being reported his behaviour was one of the key reasons.

According to the Daily Mirror, Take That were in the middle of their Nobody Else world tour, but Robbie’s drinking too much and struggling in rehearsals meant he decided he did not want to tour again.

At this point, his bandmate Jason Orange spoke to him in the rehearsal room before they were expected to hit the stage in Manchester, telling him the band thought it was best he left, if he did in fact want to do so.


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