“If he wasn’t good enough to be on your shit when he was alive don’t switch up now.”

Spotify has been criticised after XXXTentacion‘s music was added to one of the streaming service’s most popular playlists in the wake of his death.

The rapper died yesterday after he was gunned down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

But as the music world continues to reel from his death, his music has appeared on RapCaviar – one of Spotify’s most consistently influential playlists.

The move has proved particularly contentious as the rapper was effectively blacklisted by Spotify earlier this year, with the streaming service announcing plans to stop promoting artists accused of sexual assault. 

Although his music wasn’t removed, Spotify eventually backtracked on the controversial policy.

Now, Spotify faces renewed criticism for effectively  appearing to promote him once more in the wake of his death.

“I see why Beyonce said fuck spotify, just a few weeks ago they were bashing XXXTENTACION & taking him off all the playlist now they’re trying to capitalize off his passing smh”, wrote one Spotify user.

Another said: “Personally, I think @Spotify is fake as fuck for removing @xxxtentacion songs but then as soon as he dies they put his shit at the top of Rap Caviar. Profiting off his death and shit. If he wasnt good enough to be on your shit when he was alive dont switch up now.”

A third claimed: “yo @Spotify y’all are so full of shit. really y’all literally cost mans thousands of streams by removing his music off playlists because of his abuse allegations but now y’all tryna make coin off of his passing WITH A WHOLE PLAYLIST? this industry is full of snakes.”

Meanwhile, an eerie video appears to show XXXTentacion predicting his “tragic death”.

In the wake of his death, fans have shared a video that sees the rapper offering thoughts on how he would like to be remembered.



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