GTA 6 is one of the most mysterious and highly anticipated games around, with a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series a virtual guarantee – but yet to be announced. It’s been over seven years since GTA 5 first came out, and since then Rockstar Games has released plenty of updates to GTA Online and produced one of the best games of the last generation – Red Dead Redemption 2. But despite all this stellar output, it’s fair to say what fans are really clamouring for right now is a new Grand Theft Auto game.

So far Rockstar Games has kept their lips sealed about GTA 6, instead announcing a next-gen version of GTA 5 and revealed plenty of GTA Online updates.

The latest Grand Theft Auto Online patch is due out in December, and will bring with it the return of Heists.

On December 15 GTA Online players will be able to take part in the Cayo Perico Heist, which has been described as “Grand Theft Auto Online’s biggest, most daring, and action-packed addition yet”.

The next Heist will see players try to infiltrate a remote island compound where GTA 5 Online’s most notorious drug dealer is living it up.

Players will have to contend with heavily armed security guards as they try to get it and out with evidence as well as much gold, art and drug money they can carry.

The Cayo Perico Heist will be included in what Rockstar Games has described as the biggest ever update to GTA 5 Online.

A teaser trailer for the inbound Heist was revealed last week, and Grand Theft Auto fans have spotted something very curious.

At one point in the trailer co-ordinates appear on-screen, and when entered into Google Maps this shows a real-life location.

Interestingly, the location that appears in Google Maps is in Virginia, USA. And when looking at the region from a bird’s eye view the roads in the area make a VI shape.

And this curious coincidence has gotten the attention of plenty of fans, with hopes rising that this could be the start of Rockstar Games gearing up to promote GTA 6.

In a thread on Reddit discussing the potential Easter egg, one GTA fan wrote: “I checked it out, and it definitely says VI on the ground. It’s far from the release, but we got the first obvious sign from Rockstar, so congratulations.”

Another posted: “An Easter egg for sure, the odds of this being a random occurrence are way too low.”

One added: “That’s just ‘VI’ number… They could be just playing with us or building up the hype. I’m sure there will be more GTA VI references in the new update.”

And another wrote: “It’s STARTTTINNNNGG”.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the Cayo Perico Heist has any further teases about GTA 6 or not.

But either way it looks like the next mainline Grand Theft Auto game is still awhile off.

The next game that Rockstar Games has announced is an enhanced version of GTA 5, which is set to release in the second half of 2021 for next gen consoles.

So it looks like GTA 6 will be released after the revamped version of Grand Theft Auto 5, pointing towards a 2022 release date at the earlier.

Earlier this year Kotaku’s former news editor Jason Schreier, now with Bloomberg, said work on the next Grand Theft Auto game has begun but it was in the early stages.

Schreier reported: “One plan that management has laid out for the next game, a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, is to start out with a moderately sized release (which, by Rockstar’s standards, would still be a large game) that is then expanded with regular updates over time, which may help mitigate stress and crunch.

“But there’s a catch: Rockstar’s next big project is still early in development. When production ramps up and the game gets closer to launching, will overtime come with it? Will Rockstar’s employees then face the pressure of months of crunch in order to finish all of the ambitious work it takes to make a Rockstar game?”


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