PS5 pre-order customers be warned: deadline day is looming to secure your PlayStation 5 console for launch.

UK retailer ShopTo has given pre-order customers until October 31 to pay for day one PS5 stock.

In previous years, ShopTo would automatically take funds from registered cards. However, due to new fraud protection measures, customers must now manually pay any outstanding pre-order balance.

Failure to pay the full amount before the deadline will result in day one pre-order units being allocated to the next person in the queue.

“Due to fraud protection, we are unable to charge your confirmed for day one pre-order automatically,” reads a message on the ShopTo website.

“Failure to pay by the 31st October will result in cancellation of your confirmed for day one pre-order, your console will be automatically allocated to the next customer in the queue, and we will be unable to reallocate the console to you.

“Please, DO NOT PRE-PAY for your Pre-Order if it’s not confirmed for day one.”

If you failed to secure a launch day PS5 from ShopTo, then it’s worth checking your email with credit card in hand on October 31. You never know, you might get lucky!

Don’t worry too much if you miss out on day one stock, because Sony executive Jim Ryan has suggested that the PS5 will be re-stocked on a regular basis in the coming months.

According to Ryan, Sony believes that the PS5 will sell more units compared to the PS4 within its first fiscal year on sale.

Considering the success of the PS4 – particularly early on – Ryan’s comments suggest that Sony will be replenishing stock at a pretty steady rate.

While fans may struggle to get a console at launch, fingers crossed there’s a big second wave shortly after.

As a reminder, the PS4 sold around 18 million units within its first year on sale, and around 7 million units by the end of the fiscal year.

If you are still hopeful of nabbing a PS5 at launch, then you should probably go ahead and bookmark the Stock Informer website.

Not only does Stock Informer give users an up-to-date insight into availability, but it also shows where the PS5 was most recently in stock.

Better yet, fans can sign up to receive PS5 stock notifications. It’s also worth doing this for individual stores like AmazonCurrysSmythsGAMEArgos, and ShopTo, where you can still register your interest in the PS5.

With last-minute cancellations and the potential for additional stock to be allocated, you may still get lucky,

Failing that, you could probably pick one up on eBay and CEX, although this would mean paying inflated prices.


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