Gamers in the US will be able to buy a PS5 and Xbox Series X this week when Gamestop restocks its next-gen console range.

It’s great news for gamers, although it will come with a big catch for those hoping to snatch some stock.

According to the post from Gamestop, new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles will be available to buy, via bundles.

This means that you will need to pay a higher price due to the additional items added by Gamestop.

Along with the new PS5 and Xbox Series X stock, Gamestop will also have Nintendo Switch to sell, telling gamers this week:

“Heads up, a limited number of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, AND Nintendo Switch console bundles will be available tomorrow on

“We’ll let you know when they’re live, but you might want to turn on post notifications, so you don’t miss out.”

From what has been shared, it seems Gamestop will post on social media when the new stock is available to buy.

But for now, we can only predict that the restocking will happen sometime in the morning.

It follows some positive news for gamers in the UK, after several stores provided limited stock.

Currys PC World was the latest retailer to re-stock the PS5, albeit, selling out very quickly.

Indeed, the PS5 has proven so popular that regular Currys customers can’t actually login to the website.

“We have now SOLD OUT of the PS5. Please keep an eye on our website for new console updates.”

While the latest re-stock is great news for customers able to bag a console, others weren’t so lucky.

Some customers have been stuck in the queue for around an hour, only to find out that the console is now out of stock.

Despite the PS5 selling out fast, one stock tracking Twitter account believes that more units could become available later.

This is because Currys could end up cancelling suspicious orders placed by bots.

“There was next to no bot protection on Currys,” reads a PS5 UK Stock Instant Updates tweet. “They may cancel some suspicious orders or of those who ordered more than one. So a very small drop may be available later on.”

UK retailer GAME was another to offer new stock this week, although one group of scalpers say they greatly benefitted.

One group posted online that over 2,000 PS5s had been pre-ordered using its bots, making it possible for those consoles to be resold.

If this is true, it means that many were able to buy multiple PlayStation 5 consoles, leaving plenty of gamers unable to buy one.

The GAME site clearly states that only one console per-person should be available to purchase in January.

But in a twist of good news, UK retailer GAME has confirmed that they will be taking action.

And this could mean that a smaller PS5 restock could be coming our way, depending on what happens next.

GAME told VGC this week: “PlayStation 5’s continue to be in very high demand and that demand far outweighs current supply.

“We have strong measures in place to help ensure that our ‘1 per customer’ statement is maintained to allow for as many individual customers to successfully purchase as possible.

“All pre-orders are subject to automatic checks, and order updates such as cancellations following these checks take place after a customer will have received a valid order confirmation email.

“At the present time these orders are still pre-orders, and as such, no payments have yet been taken from customers. Payments will commence once our order checks have been completed.”


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