The new PS Plus February 2021 lineup is going to be announced very soon, and gamers are making their own predictions.

So far there have been no leaks revealing what Sony has planned for PS4 gamers, although we do know what is coming next to PlayStation 5.

Destruction AllStars will be available to download and play in February and March, following its delay back in late 2020.

It seems very likely that it will be the main draw for PlayStation 5 gamers, as it’s one of only a few PlayStation 5 exclusives coming to the platform next month.

Much like Bugsnax, AllStars will be available past the usual four-week period, and will likely overlap with other PS5-compatible games.

Destruction AllStars is a vehicular combat game that’s best played in multiplayer and will launch with a number of modes and drivers to choose from.

But while we already know the identity of the free PS5 game, subscribers face a longer wait than usual. With January being a slightly longer month, Sony won’t unveil the February 2021 PlayStation Plus games until midweek.

This means subscribers will have to wait until January 27 for the free PS4 games to be revealed.

Furthermore, it will be almost another whole week before the free PS5 and PS4 games are available for subscribers to download and play.

The upside is that unlike Maneater – one of January’s free games – there shouldn’t be any confusion over who gets to play Destruction AllStars.

Maneater is available on both PS4 and PS5 platforms, meaning there were some unhappy subscribers who felt like they were missing out.

The same shouldn’t happen this time around, although we’re still being left guessing over what is being planned for February by Sony.

Looking back on previous years, February has been a mixed month regarding game choice and genres.

2019 was headlined by Ubisoft’s For Honor and Hitman, while 2020 included BioShock: The Collection, The Sims 4 and Firewall Zero Hour.

We’re long overdue another PSVR game, but with the recent launch of the PlayStation 5, we might be waiting a little longer for one.

No Man’s Sky would prove to be the perfect inclusion, as it would allow gamers across all recent PlayStation platforms to get something out of it.

First-party exclusives are also very popular with gamers, and there are still plenty from the PS4 era to choose from.

The Last of Us Part 2 was a best-seller, so a lot of PS Plus subscribers will already have it in their collection.

But Gran Turismo Sport seems long overdue a selection for PlayStation Plus, having launched way back in 2017.

As ever, it’s almost important to predict what will be coming to the PS Plus free games list next, but fans have been sharing their own ideas.

The list includes titles from Assassin’s Creed Origins, to Far Cry 5 and Little Nightmares, so there’s always room for older titles to make a splash.

It follows the news that Microsoft will be increasing the cost of Xbox Live Gold, telling fans this week:

“Members have already been notified in some regions. If you’re in a region where prices are being adjusted, you will receive an email and a message centre notification over the next month letting you know what the new pricing is for your membership.

“Going forward, new pricing will be 1-month for $10.99, 3-months for $29.99, and 6-months for $59.99, or your local market equivalent.”

Microsoft has confirmed to that gamers in the UK are also affected by the recently announced Xbox Live Gold price rise.

The cost of a one-month subscription has gone up by a pound, rising from £6.99 to £7.99. While the price of three months of access has risen from £17.99 to £21.99.

The biggest increase is for six month’s worth of access to Xbox Live Gold, which is rising from £29.99 to £42.99.

The good news for those who have just bought a PS5 console is that Sony has made no indication that they will follow suit.


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