Live Nation has apologised after Shakira was slammed for using what appears to be an occult Nazi symbol used by the SS on her merchandising to promote her new world tour.

The Colombian pop star, 41, was selling a pendant featuring the Black Sun emblem for £7 on her world tour, which kicked off earlier this month.

One fan tweeted: “Dear @shakira, you know that your necklace depicts an important Nazi symbol, propagated by the SS during the Nazi era?”

While another said: “Why is Shakira selling Nazi tour merch.”

Tour promoter Live Nation have now pulled the pendants

“Why is Shakira selling Nazi tour merch?” one fan asked

The tour necklace with a Nazi symbol

However others defended the pop star, with one writing: “So now we have to eliminate all the symbols that the Nazis used? It doesn’t matter if they are a 1,000 or 2,000 years old, if the Nazis used them.”

Responding to the backlash, the tour promoter said the necklace was based on “Pre-Columbian imagery”, while announcing they would be pulling it from sale.

Live Nation tweeted: “The necklace Live Nation designed for Shakira’s “El Dorado World Tour” was based on Pre-Columbian imagery.

“However… some fans have expressed concern that the design bears an unintentional resemblance to Neo-Nazi imagery.

“We sincerely apologise for this inadvertent similarity and have permanently pulled the item from the tour collection.”

Shakira herself has commented publicly on the merchandise.


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