Newspaper headlines: ‘Fantastic Brexit’ and ‘bog roll Brexit’

Brexit is going to be “fantastic” for the UK economy and Theresa May is going to do a “good deal” with Brussels, according to David Davis in the Daily Express. In an exclusive interview, the Brexit Secretary says Britain is at an advantage because English is “the best language in the world for doing commerce, science and medicine and so on”.

Meanwhile, another prominent Brexiteer, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, has warned Theresa May not to allow a “bog roll Brexit” that is soft, yielding and goes on forever, the Sun reports.

Warnings from BMW and Airbus about job losses post-Brexit lead the front page of the i weekend. Car firm BMW, which builds the Mini in Oxford, says its UK investment is under threat unless there is clarity on EU withdrawal within months. And Airbus says it could leave the UK if Britain exits the single market and customs union with no transition deal.

Senior officers at Greater Manchester Police allowed a 13-year-old boy to spend two hours in the company of a known paedophile and gangster to protect a covert operation, the Times has revealed. The paper says the force was conducting undercover surveillance into Dominic Noonan in 2011, who was found guilty in May of 13 charges of historical sex offences against four young boys. Greater Manchester Police declined to comment.

Home Office minister Victoria Atkins says the families of violent criminals and gang leaders should lose their council houses as a deterrent against crime, the Daily Telegraph reports. In an interview with the paper, she says she supports a scheme employing the tactic in north London, adding that criminals should “understand the consequences of their criminal behaviour”. The paper does not say whether families of criminals have been evicted through the scheme.

The Daily Mail says campaigners have called for an overhaul of the honours system after revelations in the paper show members of the nominating committees have been given awards. The paper says a number of civil servants, politicians and relevant committee members have been handed out awards, despite being on an honour panel.

Former GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips said she believes her father was killed by powerful painkillers he did not need, the Daily Mirror reveals. The drugs were administered in a hospital near Gosport. Earlier this week it was revealed more than 450 patients died prematurely as a result of powerful painkillers being administered at Gosport Memorial Hospital between 1989 and 2000.

Some of the UK’s largest final salary pension schemes are the target of rogue financial advisers, according to the FT Weekend. The paper says the key regulators have alerted trustees at Lloyds Banking Group and J Sainsbury, after a surge in members swapping their gold-plated defined benefit (DB) for cash settlements. Since pension transfer freedoms were anounced in 2015, total transfers hit a record £10.6bn in the first quarter of 2018.

Love Island reject Hayley Hughes is pictured on the front page of the Daily Star. The paper says her mother saved her from a “life of brutality at the hands of her abusive father”.

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