In 2021 the rumour mill has been set abuzz by posts on the GTA Forums which appeared to hint Rockstar Games was getting ready to make an announcement.

One of these posts was published towards the end of January, with fans left thinking it was using coded language to hint at upcoming Rockstar news.

The post, published on January 23, was written by GTA Forums staff member Mach1bud and said the engine for his new car would be ready in 90 days.

This seemed got be a bit of a peculiar thing to say on a forum dedicated to all things GTA. But GTA Forums members have used coded language in the past to hint at upcoming announcements.

And last week another GTA Forums member quoted this message from Mach1bud, saying: “Better start warming up your engine. February 25 is coming.”

This comment from GTA Forums user BUSTED may have just seemed like a curious comment at the time.


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