GTA 6 is still at least 18-months away from being playable, and it could be until 2022 before we find out everything about the PS5 and Xbox Series X game.

And while Rockstar Games remains quiet on its plans for Grand Theft Auto 6, its parent company has passed comment on other rumours.

This includes Take-Two Interactive being asked about Rockstar’s large back-catalogue.

There have been rumours that several titles could be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X as part of a remaster project.

And during a recent earnings report, via Seeking Alpha, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked the question:

“Thinking about the Grand Theft Auto franchise and the fact that we’ve now sold over 140 million units of the game.

“And granted there’s probably some overlap, where people have more than one copy of the game.

“But it seems like there is a huge audience of people that have probably never played GTA IV or any of the other prior GTA games that came out before that. And I just wonder, how do you think about obviously there’s a huge appetite for GTA content and how — what’s your perspective there in terms of thinking about remastering pre-prior games.”

Zelnick responded by stating that he wouldn’t be making any announcements, even if games are in active development.

That job will fall to Rockstar Games, meaning if there are any upcoming announcements being planned for GTA 6 or anything else, it will be coming from the development studio.

Zelnick revealed: “I’d say it’s a great and encouraging question. I’m kind of inclined to leave it more as a statement than a question.

“And any updates on our release schedule will come from Rockstar Games.”

It’s interesting to note that Zelnick didn’t say anything to rule out a remaster project, leaving the door open for a Rockstar Games announcement in the future.

Another question that touched upon the expansion of existing franchises, Grand Theft Auto included, revealed that there are a lot of new games coming from Take-Two in the coming years.

Zelnick revealed: “So it’s exciting that we have these extraordinary franchises that keep captivating and engaging consumers many years after launch. And the reason that that’s occurring is first of all the initial quality, which is unmatched in our business.

“And second, because our labels, both Rockstar Games and 2K continue to deliver content on an ongoing basis that further causes captivation and engagement. And if we keep doing that, then we’ll continue we think to have similar results.

“I think you’re right that consumers get really comfortable within excited by specific franchises. And if you keep delivering great content, they will maintain their involvement on an ongoing basis, we’re seeing that in all forms of the entertainment business.

“At the same time, we always have to create new titles both new iterations of existing beloved franchises, and new intellectual property.

“And if we don’t do that, then we’re burning the furniture. So to that end, in the next five years, we expect to bring 93 new releases to market which is more than double what our development capacity was just a few years ago.”

But while there are plenty of projects coming our way from leading developers, there is no news regarding GTA 6 in 2021.

This could change in the coming months, with PS5 and Xbox Series X expected to be the main focal point for Rockstar Games.


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