In other GAME news, PlayStation fans that were trying to access the retailer’s website today to purchase a PS5 have experienced issues – with slow loading times and crashes.

One Twitter user posted: “Great. Website crashes. First GAME, then ARGOS, then CURRYS PC WORLD and now AMAZON. I just want to order the PS5 is that too much to ask”.

Another wrote: “So I get in the queue to @GAMEdigital for over 2 hours trying to buy the PS5 and then when I finally get on the website it crashes”.

One added: “Come off of nights hoping to get a PS5 on the new stock release… managed to actually get on the Game website this morning then at bang on 9am it crashes and haven’t got on since.”

And another tweeted: “@GAMEdigital your website is down”.

GAME had previously said they were going to make more PS5 stock available to buy at 9am UK today, which is the PS5 launch date for gamers in Blighty and Europe.


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