Empire of Sin is a new gangster management sim which lets you build an illegal organisation, while also battling other kingpins.

What makes this latest Paradox Interactive project a little unusual is that it’s arriving on a range of platforms this week, not just PC.

This means that the Empire of Sin release date and launch time will concern gamers on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

So no wonder there are a lot of gamers interested in finding out the latest details concerning the ambitious new project.


According to publisher Paradox Interactive, the Empire of Sin release date has been set for Tuesday, December 1, 2020.

This is the set launch date for all platforms, meaning no one will be lagging behind the Steam launch.

When it comes to an official launch time, no set schedule has been made available to view.

From the Steam time stamp, the game should be going live at around midnight in the United States, and possible earlier on the West Coast.

The Xbox Store lists the official Empire of Sin release time as midnight EDT on December 1, so it will be worth checking out the latest from then on.

A short description of the setting and playstyle can be found here, adding: “Set in 1920’s Chicago, Empire of Sin takes place at the start of US Prohibition, a time when mobsters and organized crime began to take root and thrive.

“As you set out to build and manage your criminal empire in Chicago’s legendary Prohibition era, you’ll play as one of 14 bosses.

“Each boss comes with their own unique diplomatic bonus, empire bonus, and a powerful unique ability that they can use in combat. I’m going to select a few of the bosses and dive into the unique boss abilities you’ll be using to fight your way to the top and become the King or Queen of Chicago.”

The first reviews for Empire of Sin have started to be shared online and you can find a selection listed below:

EUROGAMER REVIEW ON COMBAT: “Combat is decent but can lack excitement and be fiddly. Sometimes you accidentally end up putting characters where they shouldn’t be, or order them to do something you didn’t mean to, and in a high-stakes battle it can cost you dearly. Encounters can feel a little drawn out too, partly because of fairly weak weaponry early on. But once you better equip your team, and unlock more abilities, things get more interesting. It’s a shame the same can’t be said for the bog-standard guard battles.”


PC GAMER REVIEW ON STORY MISSIONS: “The choices are usually binary, typically falling into the villainous or benevolent categories, so they’re not that nuanced, but sometimes the roleplaying options do offer a bit more flexibility. You might, for instance, be inclined to pick the lesser of two evils at the cost of a big payout, but succeeding a persuasion or intimidation check could still earn you comparable or even greater rewards. It’s familiar territory for RPGs, but in a game about forging a business empire and shooting up speakeasies, where you’d expect individual characters to get less time in the limelight, it really stands out.”


PCGAMESN REVIEW ON CONTENT: “It’s worth stating though, Empire of Sin manages to strike a balance between decent turn-based tactical skirmishes and a meaningful ‘big picture’ strategy layer, which is no easy feat. It doesn’t get everything right, but this is an impressive start, and the foundations are solid. A racket-full of bugs has caused me any number of reloads, yet I’m still compelled to come back to watch the denizens of this living world scurry about.”



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