WandaVision is halfway through on Disney+ now and will set up Doctor Strange 2 ahead of its release next year. After all, Scarlet Witch is co-starring in the 2022 sequel with the Sorcerer Supreme. But now a popular new fan theory argues that Elizabeth Olsen’s superhero will be both hero and villain in WandaVision, leading to her being solely the latter in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Summarising their theory, Reddit user The MediocreCritic wrote: “Wanda’s identity has split into two distinct personalities, Wanda Maximoff and The Scarlet Witch.

“The Scarlet Witch is Wanda’s condensed anger and pain. She has taken control, lulling the real Wanda into a calm, dormant state by creating a carefree, Americanized town, reminiscent of the shows that made Wanda feel safe as a child.

“The real Wanda is living the shows, while Scarlet Witch gains more power with each day she is in control. The Scarlet Witch is the one in control, erasing, editing, and censoring anything that could ‘wake’ Wanda up.”

The theorist believes this will lead to Scarlet Witch taking on a physical form that is separate to Wanda, thereby becoming the main villain in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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Plus there’s animated Disney+ show What If? exploring previous moments from the MCU but from across the multiverse. For example, Peggy Carter as Captain Britain and T’Challa as Star-Lord.

While at the end of the year is Untitled Spider-Man 3, which is bringing back Sony Marvel characters including Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s incarnations of the Web-Slinger, plus a whole host of familiar villains.

Considering the title is yet to be announced, perhaps it’s too much of a spoiler for where WandaVision is going. So maybe it’s called the rumoured Spider-Man: Homeworlds?

Then, of course, we’ve got Benedict Cumberbatch’s dimension-bending Sorcerer Supreme in 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Since WandaVision is a prelude to Doctor Strange 2 and the Sorcerer Supreme will be Peter Parker’s mentor in Untitled Spider-Man 3, no doubt he’ll be dealing with all sorts of alternate reality trouble before his Multiverse of Madness movie.

As for where all this is leading, our best bet is Avengers 5 will be a Secret Wars multiverse movie of epic proportions. Fans will know the Secret Wars comic books saw the destruction of the Marvel Universe and other alternate realities.

Each universe’s Earth combined into Battleworld, a planet that combines different aspects of the various dimensions. There on Battleworld, alternate versions of the same Marvel characters were able to exist at the same time.

This included many incarnations of Thor acting as a peace-keeping force. And interestingly, we’re already getting Jane Foster’s The Mighty Thor in 2022’s Thor Love and Thunder alongside Chris Hemsworth’s Asgardian god. By introducing a Secret Wars movie, Disney could well bring the MCU, Sony, Netflix and Fox universes together in one huge multiverse – and WandaVision may be where it all starts.



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