Johnny Silverhand has been the main antihero for Cyberpunk since its inception.

Johnny might call himself passionate, determined, and opposing, while other members of Night City – the fictional sprawling hub where the series is set – call him a terrorist.

In Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny is played by legendary Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves. His casting was a shock, as Johnny was not even confirmed to be in the game, let alone expected to be played by a famous actor.

On learning the news that Keanu was taking on the role of his iconic character, Mike explained: “Basically what happened was [CDPR], I think, got Keanu – and to this day I don’t entirely know how they pulled it off – but I hadn’t thought about [casting Johnny].

“They held it a secret until I got to Warsaw, and [then] they asked: ‘Are you going to be cool with this?’ And I said ‘Yeah!’”


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