While the most recent changes haven’t been the most popular, gamers can look forward to one final Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War update in 2020.

Developers Treyarch has announced that they will be hosting another Double XP event for Both Cold War and Warzone, starting on December 31.

Gamers will be able to start stacking up the extra XP from 6pm GMT on New Year’s Eve until January 4.

A message from Treyarch adds: “Let’s end 2020 with a bang. Everyone gets 2XP in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone all weekend long, starting on New Year’s Eve.”

It will make for the perfect time to start levelling up the guns that have started dominating in both multiplayer and Warzone this month.

Following the launch of Season 1, there’s been a ton of changes made to the Warzone meta.

But gamers have slowly worked out what guns have the best chance of winning fights, with the likes of the DMR-14 and Mac-10 dominating maps.

Some gamers believe that both weapons need to be nerfed quickly, as they have become the most popular.

The reason behind this is that both appear to be over-powering any other combo, making most other loadouts obsolete.

One concerned COD fans posted this comment earlier this week: “I don’t mind people using the Mac 10, yes it’s powerful but you can still counter.

“The DMR is a two-shot and the entire lobby is now using it. This game is in an unplayable state with this gun and we all know Activision will nerf it in 2-3 months when everyone is done buying Cold War and buying their weapon skins.”

Another adds: “When a meta is balanced like that you can use different guns and still be competitive. I was still getting nightly wins with M13, P90, MP7, Kar, etc. You’re not at that much of a disadvantage to the Kilo/MP5.

“When one or two weapons are absurdly overpowered like right now, it removes room in the meta to be competitive with off-meta loadouts.”

“When you HAVE to run the DMR/mac10 to even have a chance, it’s an issue. You’ll lose every fight with an AR vs the DMR currently. They’ll just stand in your shots knowing they only need 2-3 bullets to land.”

And while gamers will get the chance to unlock new items for their loadouts this week, it should be noted that the next major patch isn’t expected to arrive until January 2021.

A new balancing patch is expected next month and could change the current gunfight meta away from the DMR and Mac-10.

But until that happens, Warzone and Black Ops players will need to keep trying out what they think is best to score those wins.


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