A new restock is occurring today, with Argos reportedly one of the first UK retailers in March to bring back sales of the PlayStation 5.

Hitting the digital shelves in the early morning, gamers and stock trackers report that Argos has been offering PS5 stock today.

This started at around 3am GMT, but it comes with one big drawback that could leave gamers waiting.

According to stock trackers, today’s Argos restock is happening region-by-region, meaning that it hasn’t all gone live simultaneously.

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That makes it harder to track, and it means gamers have to keep a closer eye on their regional website of choice.

A message from PS5UKnotify on Twitter was one of the first to start tracking the restock, telling gamers: “Argos is LIVE with the PS5.

“It will be region by region, so if your location isn’t showing as available yet, just wait until it does.”

It’s unclear how long the restock will last, and there’s a chance that it may have already happened by the time you login into your account.

The only good news if that has happened is that Game is another UK retailer expected to offer a restock today.

Game’s PS5 stock is expected to go live between 8am and 12pm on March 2, and will include queues and a lot of luck.

It’s unclear how much stock will be available, but there’s no doubt that many people will be waiting to snap it up.

Not only will there be normal customers, but there will also be bots and scalpers waiting to grab as many consoles as possible.


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