Animal Crossing fans can unlock brand new Super Mario items within New Horizons on Nintendo Switch.

The next batch of Animal Crossing New Horizons items launched as part of update 1.8.0. The update introduced countless Super Mario themed goodies to celebrate the plumber’s 35-year anniversary.

Unfortunately, however, the items weren’t available to purchase on the same day as the update.

Instead, the Super Mario 35th Anniversary items will be available to purchase from Tom Nook on March 1.

The release date was confirmed by Nintendo in a recent tweet, alongside confirmation of a special free gift for fans.

“The Animal Crossing: New Horizons free update is available now, bringing Super Mario Bros. themed furniture and fashion items for purchase on 3/1, as well as new seasonal items!

“Download the update and receive a free mushroom mural!”

The Mario-themed items – which you can see below – have some interesting effects on gameplay. The warp pipe, for example, lets you quickly move between parts of the island.

The Super Mario 35-year Anniversary items in full…


• Mario ‘stache

• Mario Hat

• Mario Outfit

• Mario Shoes

• Luigi ‘stache

• Luigi Hat

• Luigi Outfit

• Luigi Shoes

• Princess Peach Crown

• Princess Peach Dress

• Princess Peach Shoes


• ? Block

• 1-Up Mushroom

• Block

• Coin

• Fire Flower

• Floating Block

• Goal Pole

• Large Mushroom Platform

• Pipe

• Shell

• Small Mushroom Platform

• Super Mushroom

• Super Star

• Thwomp


• Block Flooring

• Lakitu’s Cloud Rug

• Mushroom Mural

• Yoshi’s Egg Rug


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