Xbox Series X are back in stock this week and the latest retailer just posted a new update. has announced that it’s the latest UK retailer to offer Xbox Series X stock this week, following updates from Currys and GAME.

Unlike other stores, Box runs a ballot system, meaning you need to sign up via email to have a chance at scoring a console.

It means that someone can check for bots and scalpers to make sure that gamers have a better chance of grabbing an Xbox Series X.

And the latest announcement from Box confirms that a new ballot is being held today.

So if you did sign up, it will be worth checking your emails to see if you managed to secure a console during the latest Xbox Series X re-stock event.

A message from reads: “Xbox Series X and S Ballot Update:

“Today we will be drawing an Xbox Series X ballot! We will contact all lucky customers at 6pm (GMT) via email, instructing them on how to purchase. “

If you did miss out and are still waiting for an Xbox Series X console to buy, you will still have another chance in January.

Box has confirmed that it will be holding one more Xbox Series X ballot this month, so it will be worth heading over to the site to check out how to sign up.

And it’s likely that other retailer will be adding Xbox Series X stock in the coming days.

GAME has been a regular supplier of good news for Microsoft gamers, with several Xbox re-stocks going live in January.

One went live earlier this week, and while it just recently sold out, more Xbox Series consoles are expected from GAME next week.

Other suppliers are also worth checking out, including Argos, Currys and Smyths.

Smyths in the UK is currently sold out but has posted a notice that it will be providing more consoles in February 2021.

Argos is also sold out right now but has told gamers: “Xbox is currently unavailable. We’re working hard to get more stock.”

Currys doesn’t have a new update for gamers but is still expected to restock on the Xbox Series X soon.

VERY was one of the latest retailers to offer next-gen options, and managing to sell out of Xbox Series S consoles earlier today.

A message on the site now reads: “Stock coming soon,” for both the Series X and Series S.

For now, Box might be one of the fairest ways to grab an Xbox Series X console, although there is no guarantee that you will be successful after signing up.

And there are always other sites to check alongside it, including John Lewis and Amazon.

In the UK, Amazon hasn’t been quite as prolific with stock updates for the Xbox Series X as was happening in 2021.

It has offered several chances to buy the Xbox Series S, which is a solid alternative for more casual gamers.

The Xbox Series S is cheaper to buy and makes it an easier option for more casual gamers.

The smaller price tag comes with drawbacks, with the Xbox Series S shipping without a 500GB hard drive and no disc drive.

This can make for a frustrating combo, as it can limit how many games you can download and play.

It also doesn’t feature the same 4K support as the Xbox Series X, although it shares similar specs when it comes to performance, such as frames per second, and load times.


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