Sam Bird flew into the villa with some choice words for Adam Collard , setting the ladies’ hearts aflutter almost instantly.

But on his dates with the girls in tonight’s episode, he might have told a few little white lies in order to win the affection of whomever he was dining with.

Viewers spotted Sam’s cheeky flip flop when he told Rosie Williams , his first date, that his type was definitely brunettes.

However, by the time he reached his third date with Ellie Brown , he was “definitely” into blondes.

Ellie was captivated by Sam’s conversation

The new boy sneakily switched up his preferences

Fans couldn’t help but take to social media to discuss his naughty lie, joking that he is already “telling fibs” to win the girls over.

Of course, he made sure his preferences related to the person he was sitting with, but in the end Rosie and Ellie’s views on him didn’t even matter as the cheeky chappy opted to couple up with Samira Mighty .

It worked out alright for Ellie, who got her man in the form of Dr Alex George , but sadly Sam’s choice of Samira meant Rosie was forced to head home earlier than she hoped.

Rosie was also charmed by him

Love Island 2018

Rosie was pretty excited to get a date after she had been mistreated by Adam, who smiled as she expressed her feelings and cried in front of him.

His head turned for Zara McDermott , but he chose to ignore her rather than explain his feelings openly, forcing her to feel insecure for hours as she watched him flirt.

Zara is the fourth girl Adam has shown interest in since he arrived in the villa two weeks ago, and Sam was keen to ensure Adam knew that this behaviour was unacceptable by calling him out in front of everyone during his welcome party.

It was Samira who lucked out with the boy at the recoupling

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Adam was not keen at first, but the two lads had a heart to heart, which may have even influenced Adam’s decision to apologise to Rosie.

But in the end it was Rosie’s time to head home, despite her gaining popularity with audiences for trying to tell Adam off for his antics.

So Sam’s preference of brunettes prevailed when he chose Samira, but will she be his type as they couple up?

Love Island airs weekdays and Sundays from 9pm on ITV2.


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