Sony is reportedly ramping up production of PlayStation 5 consoles in 2021, which should prove great news for gamers still looking to the latest PS5 restock events.

As many will already know, getting a PS5 console during 2020 has proven very difficult, and this trend is expected to continue into early next year.

Leading retailers in the UK are expected to offer a PS5 stock update in January 2021, but there’s no guarantee how much will be available.

The good news is that these retail struggles should start to taper off later in the year as Sony provides a big stock boost for console hunters.

A new report from Digitimes suggests that Sony managed to sell 3.4 million units in the first four weeks the PS5 was on sale.

That’s without counting the final weeks of December, meaning that the reported total is likely to increase when more data has been provided.

But while the PS5 has had a good start to its lifecycle, more PS5 stock will be available in 2021.

The Digitimes report also claims that “Production for Sony’s PS5 game consoles is likely to reach 16.8-18 million units in 2021, fueled by additional capacity support from TSMC and backend services firms, according to industry sources.”

With PS5 consoles in such high demand, it would make sense that Sony would want as many consoles sold in 2021 as possible.

The only way to do this will be to provide as much production power to the problem as possible, which can only be good news for gamers hoping to snag a PS5 in the latest stock offering.

The only downside to this news is that it’s hard to gauge just how long the current stock shortages may last.

Hopes will be high that the current PS5 stock problems will have dissipated by the middle of the year.

But having had such a turbulent year in 2020, many analysts might be left guessing just how popular gaming will prove next year.

The majority of UK retailers have not confirmed when they will be getting PS5 restocks, but the Smyths Toys website says they should be getting more stock in January.

Very has said they should be getting more PS5 stock “soon” while the ASDA Service Team Twitter account said they could have restock news in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Argos has said they are not expecting any more PS5 stock for the rest of 2020 while Currys and Amazon UK have all been unable to say when their next restock will be.

With next-gen gaming providing so popular right now, many questions have been raised regarding the future of pricing.

Gamers have already seen an increase in cost, and this trend is expected to continue the further we get into the next console cycle.

But even with these changes to how much it will cost to buy a next-gen game, demand for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles is expected to remain strong in 2021.

And gamers can expect more updates from leading retailers in both the UK and the United States when it comes to expecting the first PS5 restock events of 2021.


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