PS Plus February 2021 is going to include Destruction AllStars as one of its free downloads, exclusively available to those who have managed to buy a PS5 console.

The game was originally meant to launch in 2020 but having been delayed, will now be released next month as part of PlayStation Plus.

It’s great news for gamers as not only will they get a brand new game to play, but it will also be a next-gen exclusive.

This means that PS4 gamers won’t feel like they’re missing out quite as much as they did with Maneater in January.

As ever, there is still a lot to be revealed regarding Destruction AllStars, but there’s a good chance, plenty of gamers will give it a shot.

There aren’t a ton of PS5 exclusives to enjoy right now, and with February’s PS Plus games free to download if you have a subscription, there’s no reason to miss out.

And we’re starting to learn more about the game and what to expect when it arrives in early February.

A new trailer has been released this week, which can be found below, showcasing the kind of carnage that will be available on next-gen consoles.

The clip focuses on some of the new heroes and characters that will be controlling vehicles, but doesn’t provide much in the way of gameplay.

More on this is expected to be shared in the lead up to launch, with 16 AllStars coming to the game.

The good news for those thinking about picking up Destruction AllStars is that there will be no real rush to download it.

Developers Lucid Games have confirmed that it will be available to claim for free during February and March as part of the PS Plus service.

We won’t know what the new PS Plus free games for PS4 will be until the final week of February, but we do know what content will be available in Destruction AllStars during launch week.

Here are some of the new modes coming to Destruction AllStars on PS5 in 2021:


Mayhem plays like a classic deathmatch. Playable in solo and teams, deal damage and wreck as many opponents as you can in the time limit. The player with the highest score wins. It sounds familiar, but can you control the chaos by mastering the balance between vehicle and character action.


Take what you learn in Mayhem and put it all on the line in Carnado. Playable in both solo and teams, it’s focused around risk and reward. Earn Gears (AllStars’ collectable in-game items) for damaging or wrecking competitors, which are automatically stored in your vehicle. Sacrifice your vehicle by driving into the Carnado to score points. Back on-foot, get a new vehicle or steal one from your opponents for a quick points boost. The more you wreck, the more Gears you earn.


Stockpile is our take on capture and control. In this team-based mode, wrecking or knocking out opponents will cause Gears to drop to the floor.

Go on foot to collect the Gears and run through a gauntlet of vehicles to one of the three banks around the map. Stand on a bank to deposit Gears, and claim it for your team. This is a battle for bank ownership; the team with the most banks at the end of the game wins.


16 AllStars enter the arena, but only one will emerge victorious. In Gridfall, it’s about using all your skills to stay in the game as the arena falls away from beneath your wheels. Wreck your opponents off the edge of the map or find temporary safety in the platforms above. As players get wrecked or knocked out, they’ll trade a respawn to get back in the game.


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