Pokemon Go developer Niantic has revealed more about the February 2021 Community Day.

The upcoming Pokemon Go event has been given a February 7 start date for players on iOS and Android.

As with all Community Day events since COVID restrictions took hold, the event will last for six hours, running from 11am GMT to 5pm.

Pokemon Go Community Day events shine the spotlight on a particular Pocket Monster, making them appear with more frequency.

The February 2021 event focuses on flowery Pokemon Roselia, which is kind of fitting for the month of February.

“Did you know that a Roselia’s flowers smell more pleasant the healthier it is?” reads a Niantic post.

“The scent is said to deeply relax people. This February’s Community Day is sure to be relaxing, then—because Roselia will be the featured Pokemon!”

Players who manage to evolve Roselia during the event (or up to two hours after it ends) will be rewarded with a Roserade that knows the Charged Attack Weather Ball.

In a break from tradition, the evolved Roselia will also know the Fast Attack Bullet Seed.

Needless to say, special moves aren’t the only reason to take part in the February Community Day.

Event-exclusive Timed Research will give players the chance to earn some much-needed Sinnoh Stones.

Elsewhere, Budew will hatch from 2 km Eggs, which ties into the fact that Eggs will hatch at a quarter of the distance usually required.

As with all Community Day events, Incense activated during Community Day will last for three hours instead of just 30 minutes.

Fans can further enhance the experience by picking up some limited time items from the in-game shop.

This includes a special Roselia Community Day–exclusive Special Research story, which is titled Stop and Smell the Roselia.

Anybody who purchases a ticket for the Pokemon Go Kanto Tour by Fenruary 3 will get free access to the Research Story.

Finally, Niantic will be selling a Community Day Box for 1,280 PokeCoins. It contains an Elite Fast TM, four Incense, four Super Incubators, and 30 Ultra Balls.


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