There’s some good news for gamers who have been left worse for wear after February’s first Call of Duty Warzone update.

While the February 4th patch may have removed problems with the Stim Glitch (again), it didn’t solve everything.

In fact, gamers confirmed an uptick in issues during Battle Royale matches, including the return of the invisible player glitch in Warzone.

As many COD fans will already know, there have been problems in the past with some operator skins being rendered partially invisible.

This has popped up on Rebirth Island the most, and it appears that the game’s latest patch may have revied issues with it.

Players are sharing video content confirming that not only is the invisibility trick back, but it’s rendering operators as completely invisible.

This is being seen in Armored Royale mode games, so it could be connected to the MiniGun found on the Truck.

There is also a chance that the problem is more widespread and linked to individual operator skins too.

The good news is that Raven Software has flagged similar problems and have confirmed that a fix has been scheduled.

This should mean that the exploit is being removed very soon, or that the whole mode is being taken down until it can be fixed.

Issues that have been confirmed as being fixed soon include the following:

Operator skins: Grinch, Forest Spirit – Model visibility changes depending on distance (i.e. only their head and gun will be visible).

Bullet tracer VFX: Some gun blueprints are missing intended tracer effects (i.e. Bullfrog – Turbo Powered).

And these aren’t the only problems affecting Warzone this week, with another report revealing that there are problems with hit markers.

This is a huge problem for Warzone gamers, as it makes it very difficult to gauge whether you’re winning a shootout.

And any kind of advantage can help in a gunfight across Verdansk or on Rebirth Island.

Raven confirmed they had been made aware of the issues, telling fans on Twitter: “FYI, we’re looking into the claims that hit markers are inconsistent following last nights update.”

The downside to this is we don’t know if this will be in the same patch as the Warzone invisible glitch fix.

Activision usually shares news on what’s coming next on Mondays via a blog, meaning we might hear more about Warzone in the coming hours.

Following that, Call of Duty Warzone updates usually go live on Tuesdays, followed by playlist patches on Thursdays.

So there latest changes could be available to check out very soon in Call of Duty Warzone.

As mentioned above, Armoured Royale was recently added to the game and is expected to run for at least a full week in Warzone.

This could be cut short if the problems with cheating continue, with plenty of other modes available to take its place.

Warzone Rumble is scheduled to launch during Season One, and for those who might be new to Warzone, it includes two teams of 50 players parachuting in and battling it out in various areas around Verdansk. This mode includes custom load-outs, vehicles, and quick respawns.

“You’ve got your squad, plus forty-six additional teammates in this large-scale fight in Warzone. You may have more players to watch your back, but you also have a full-fledged enemy assault on the other side.

“The smaller circle, the tougher the battle, but don’t let that stop you from going all out to claim victory in the 50v50 Team Deathmatch face-off.”

More news is expected from Raven Software soon the next Warzone updates.


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