Fans of Marvel’s Avengers can download a brand new update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Avengers update 1.4 is a big one, adding a brand new DLC character and story mission to the game.

Available as a free download, the new Marvel’s Avengers update adds Kate Bishop as a playable character.

It launches alongside the Taking AIM story mission, which begins by talking to Maria Hill in the SHIELD Substation Zero.

Kate Bishop is described as a master archer and skilled gymnast. She’s also a student of Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye).

After going missing following the events of A-Day, the story sees Kate Bishop once again working with the Avengers after the appearance of time-warping Tachyon Rifts.

“Kate Bishop – who first appeared in Young Avengers #1 – is a master archer and skilled gymnast. Missing since A-Day, she resurfaces after her investigation into Nick Fury’s disappearance results in her mentor Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) going missing as well.

“As she unravels the mystery behind the sudden appearance of time-warping Tachyon Rifts, she uncovers a twisted new plan from AIM, which pushes her to work with the Avengers once again.”

The new DLC is available with a big update. You can see the update 1.4 patch notes below…

Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop DLC patch notes…


• New Hero: Kate Bishop

• New Operation: Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Kate Bishop – Taking Aim

 – Hero Operations introduced with Kate Bishop: Taking Aim do not support random matchmaking.

• New Cosmetics: Kate Bishop Challenge Card.

• Ability to enable and disable Takedowns.

• High Contrast Mode: Available in the settings menu!


• Fixed a rare issue where the cinematic would freeze during the transition from Hulk to Captain America on The Light that Failed.

• Fixed an issue where some missions would sometimes point to multiple regions on the War Table.

• Fixed an issue where Alisande Morales would be missing from Substation Zero.

• Fixed an issue where Kamala Khan would fall during the Hulk chase sequence in The Road Back.

• Fixed an issue where during the game finale, companions would not attempt to revive a fallen Captain America.

• Fixed an issue where companions were left behind after players loaded into the match against Taskmaster.

• Fixed an issue that would cause companions to get locked behind doors.

• The second wave of drones now properly enters the room in House Call.

• Fixed an issue where Captain America would not speak in end cinematic of Global Presence.

• Mistaken Identity – Morales now plays correct VO when returning to outpost.

• Fixed a rare issue on Finding Olympia where Hulk jumps up and stands above Abomination, preventing him from fighting Abomination, and blocking progress.

• Fixed an issue where switching Profile from the Main Menu to an account without a save prevents a new Campaign from progressing through A-Day.

• Fixed an issue where the user could crash upon repeatedly selecting faction missions.

• Fixed a rare issue where some users could not interact with their War Table.

• Fixed an issue where Hulk as a companion would sometimes be missing when in a Warzone.

• Fixed multiple instances of characters becoming stuck in the terrain.

• Fixed multiple instances of players, companions and NPCs going out of world.

• Addressed various crash and black screen issues.


• Fixed an issue where in Tachyon Rift: Along Came a Spider, the mission failed for remaining players if the host would change after completing the first objective.

• Fixed an issue where the Tachyon Rift timer sometimes reappeared in the Quinjet.

• Fixed an issue in Rocket’s Red Glare where Kamala’s hits on yellow targets before entering the elevator didn’t always register.

• Fixed an issue where the Tachyon: Breakout mission showed more than one region pinpointed on the War Table.

• Fixed an issue where issues would arise with AI companions in elevators when the host would change.

• Fixed a rare issue that would result in a prolonged black screen following a mission’s completion.

• Fixed an issue where players are sometimes facing the wrong direction upon checkpoint reload.

• Fixed a rare multiplayer issue where after reloading a checkpoint, previously opened/smashed doors would appear closed.

• Fixed an issue where a former host is unable to matchmake again with a Strike Team they just left if the Strike Team was formed via invites/joining.

• Player matchmaking no longer breaks for group members when the host player closes the game after failing a mission.

• Multiplayer stability improvements.


• MODOK codex entry now properly unlocks when players defeat him.

• Codex “Manhattan Evacuation Zone” can now be acquired when completing Mayhem Over Manhattan.

• Fixed an issue where icons to smash walls/doors would sometimes not show up.

• Fixed various High Contrast Mode UI issues.

• Removed the ability to ping while in flight to avoid erroneous marker placements.

• Marketplace items in the locked section let you purchase them from that screen without having to go to the marketplace.

• Updated the visual messaging of the act of upgrading and dismantling an item to help reduce mistakes and broadcast what action is happening.

• Stronger visual messaging about the Operation mission icons on the war table and in UI elements (its pulses).

• Various text and subtitle fixes.

• Fixed various language and localization text/issues.


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