The theorist continued: “It’s also far, far simpler to get moles into SPECTRE and other organisations. Consider: every time Bond blows up an enemy base, there are likely at least some survivors. However, all of the records from that base are destroyed, and the heads of their security, science division, etc are likely dead.

“That means that instead of having an agent join up and gain credibility over the course of years, MI6 can get an agent directly into SPECTRE with little suspicion.

That’s also how Bond constantly manages to survive, even against crazy odds.

“Yes, he’s still insanely skilled as a killer, but he also has MI6 agents backing him up from the shadows. For every goon we see Bond take down, there’s another who got garrotted in a dark corridor, or who was ordered to go on a wild goose chase far from the base.”

Despite the strength of their theory, the fan did point out the hole in it; that Bond doesn’t die and often MI6 has to come to the rescue.


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