He said: “It’s always been talked about, ‘wouldn’t it be interesting to adapt some of the continuation novels for the films?’

“I simply don’t think that’ll happen in the same way [as Fleming novels] like how they’ll never adapt the old storylines from the more successful games, just because I think [producers Barbara] Broccoli and [Michael G] Wilson have such control over the idea of this character…

“I like the idea of writing more Bonds. But one of the things about Fleming, and one of the things that I think, certainly as a defender of him as a writer and a literary stylist, is he’s a bloody good writer.

“And none of the continuation authors capture the essence of that suave sophistication, how Fleming has a great obsession with material objects, and would spend pages describing something that’s completely irrelevant to the plot, but it captures it with such an eye.”


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