One comment in particular started it all off: “You’re a great writer but a very small Man. No respect for your Readers. I deeply regret Buying your books. You’ve responsabilities related to your success.”

Replies flooded in: “A bit harsh, definitely. But no news, no honest update, lies, lots of Time consuming projects, nothing but unrelated news for fans who’ve made him since the very begining. It’s Time to leave the boat.”

Another said: “With the speed he’s going I am afraid he’ll die first. He lacks vision to close all the plots in a cohesive way. And his editor lacks discipline to cut down on the number of meandering plots that opened up the whole story like a bloody gash. There won’t be any continuation.”

One added: “I am deeply sorry to agree with you. I love his books and after reading him I can’t imagine a better writer than George. But I think that victim of procrastination he’s been lack of inspiration. I hope it doesn’t affect the outcome of the story.”


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