They were married from November 7, 1951, until July 1957, though they separated in 1953, meaning their marriage was fairly short.

After this, he married Mia Farrow on July 19, 1966, when she was 21-years-old, and he was 50-years-old.

They divorced in August 1968, and his final marriage was to Barbara Marx, who he married on March 11, 1976, with whom he stayed until his death on May 14, 1998.

Despite his only having had three children with his wives, there have been claims from people of being his children, and some have claimed to have had children with him.

Mia Farrow, his second wife, claims her son Ronan Farrow, the famous journalist, is Frank’s son, while actress Eva Bartok also claimed her daughter, Deana, was Frank’s after a brief affair with him.


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