“Her visions lead her to an abandoned hotel in Krakow, the site of a tragedy many years ago, hiding a mystery only a medium can solve. With access to both worlds, players will have a wider perspective and discover that there’s no one simple truth.

“Immersing players in these two worlds is a score composed by Akira Yamaoka, of Silent Hill fame, and Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski, working in tandem to create truly unique atmospheres across each world.”

The Medium will be launching on Xbox Game Pass on January 28, but there’s plenty to choose from, with these titles coming next:

Neoverse (PC) [email protected] – January 14

Neoverse is a beautiful, fantastic game consisting of adventures with thrilling challenges. It is a strategic, action, rogue-lite, deck building game that will test the player’s skill. Start an adventure with unique heroes to save the world along various timelines.


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