The virtual tour took us through Graceland’s front door where we saw the Music Room, Dining Room, Gladys’ bedroom, the kitchen and, of course, the Jungle Room. There was a brief technical glitch 10 minutes in where the video had to be restarted, but this was swiftly rectified and our guide continued from where she left off. This momentary frustration was then generously made up for with an added extra half an hour to our two-hour Graceland tour.

In each iconic space, Angie brought Elvis’ time at home to life with stories and fascinating insights, as she went behind the ropes into the depths of each room – something not possible on the walk-through tour.

Our group was particularly interested to know what was kept in the drawers, with Angie opening up several surprises from a Samurai sword in the Music Room, to Lisa Marie’s childhood graffiti in the kitchen.

After checking out the ground floor and noting that upstairs remains off-limits to the public as Elvis’ private space, we were guided down to Graceland’s basement. There we were treated to the sight of Elvis’ personal man cave in his pool room and TV room, with the latter featuring three televisions he watched all at once. The King came up with the idea after hearing President Lyndon B Johnson did this in The White House so he could view all three channels at once. Of course, famously The King even shot one of the TVs with one of his many handguns, a set that we later saw on display.


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