Destiny Trials of Osiris has been away for a while, and there haven’t been many chances to earn the special rewards and armour associated with the Crucible.

The good news is that Bungie is expected to bring back the event today across PS4, Xbox One, PC and next-gen consoles.

The original message shared by the development team confirmed the reason behind the delay and the news that Trials of Osiris would be returning on December 18.

The message from Bungie explains: “Due to a recently discovered issue, Trials of Osiris has been disabled for this week. We are currently investigating to determine when it will return.

“The team has identified the issue and is currently developing a future Hotfix. Trials of Osiris is currently planned to return on 12/18.”

So unless we get another update from Bungie, Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris should be returning later today.

For those waiting to find out what comes next, Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris will be launching at around 6pm GMT in the UK.

For Guardians in the United States, the Trials rewards will be up for grabs at the earlier time of 10am PT.

It should be noted that Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris has undergone some changes since it was last available to play.

Here are the changes that were made to Trials of Osiris with the launch of Beyond Light:

  • Trials of Osiris Power level requirement increased to 1210.
  • Weapons or armour that have ornaments applied to them now correctly show the ornament icon during the Trials intro.
  • Added Adept weapons and weapon mods to Flawless chest rewards.

Trials of Osiris will be launching during The Dawning event, which kicked off earlier this week by Bungie.

The development team has confirmed that due to the delays, there will be changes made to the loot available.

This will mean some top rewards for those who can go Flawless during the 3vs3 Crucible competition.

A message from Bungie reveals: “Trials of Osiris is expected to return on December 18. Due to the delay of launching Trials, a few changes were made to the reward schedule: During the first four weeks, the Flawless chest will drop an Adept Weapon.

“The fifth week will drop an armour piece, with subsequent weeks switching the rewards back and forth between Adept weapons and armour. Adept weapon mods will drop each week.

As confirmed by Bungie earlier this year, all existing Trials weapons will have Adept versions, with their infusion caps matching the Season they were introduced in.

For the first round of Adepts, their infusion caps will be set to that of Season of the Worthy.

Additionally, Bungie will be introducing Adept weapon mods into the sandbox in Beyond Light, which can only be applied to Adept weaponry.

To earn Adept weapons and Adept weapon mods, players must complete a Flawless Trials Passage and open the Flawless chest at the Lighthouse.

Each week, a different Adept mod can drop from the Flawless chest, and Adept weapon mods will be on a weekly rotation, so a given mod may not make its appearance until later in the Season.

In the future, Adept weapons will be on a set rotation, so players may continue to earn alternate rolls on specific Adept weapons when completing Flawless passages throughout a given weekend.


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