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Scroll down to find a comprehensive list of the latest product reviews written by the consumer tech team. We’re always bashing on rugged gadgets, barking orders at smart speakers, replacing perfectly good lightbulbs with Wi-Fi enabled equivalents, re-wiring our routers, and plugging and unplugging HDMI dongles to check which are best suited to weekend-long binges of The Haunting Of Hill House – all so you don’t have to!

Here at, we test everything from smart home gadgetry, TVs, smartphones, headphones, fitness trackers, laptops, and much, much more. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the tech toys that have arrived in towers and left with a shiny new star rating. We test everything we review thoroughly, usually living with the device in our own homes for a few weeks before putting pen to paper. 

Most recently… We’ve decided to shift some of our post-lockdown pudge with Apple Fitness+. This new Peloton-esque subscription service offers pre-recorded training sessions in a truckload of different disciplines. You can follow along with the exercises demonstrated by the instructors on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Unfortunately, there’s no Mac app for now and if you don’t have an Apple Watch, which is used to keep tabs on your heart rate, calories burned, and more, there’s really no point in paying the monthly fee.

When we weren’t working up a sweat, there was time to relax with Huawei’s new Freebuds Studio. These over-ear wireless headphones are a phenomenal first attempt to take on industry heavyweights Bose and Sony. While Huawei seems to have taken design inspiration from the former, there is something unique about these noise-cancelling cans.

Freebuds Studio sound brilliant. And have a much more agreeable price tag than some of their more established rivals. While these work a treat with any Android headphones, those with a Huawei-branded device will get the best experience (one-tap pairing only works between Huawei gadgets) and there’s no iOS app to change the EQ or other settings for now, so iPhone owners should probably look to the Bose 700 Series, Sony WH-1000MX4s, or – if their bank account can stomach it – the new Apple AirPods Max.

After all that, I’m sure you’ll agree that we earnt an evening or two on the sofa. And that’s exactly what we did – busy testing the new Chromecast with Google TV, of course. This HDMI streaming gadget represents a course-correction from Google – ditching the menu-less, smartphone-controlled approach used for all previous versions of the Chromecast and creating something much closer to the likes of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku Premiere, or Apple TV. Yes, that means the new Chromecast has a menu, app store, and dedicated remote control complete with voice control features. It’s a game-changer for the Chromecast brand and is easily one of our favourite streaming gadgets. If you’ve got a home filled with Google Nest smart speakers, Nest thermostats, or simply research your next must-binge boxset or movie on Google’s search pages… the Chromecast with Google TV will work beautifully for you. On the other hand, Alexa fans should probably look elsewhere… 

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