Death Stranding first released back in November 2019 after years of cryptic teases and reveals. And it’s fair to say the finished product is unlike anything else out there – but whether it will be your cup of tea is another matter. In our review awarded Death Stranding a full five out of five stars, calling it one of Hideo Kojima’s best ever games.

And if you loved your time with BB and Sam Porter Bridges then the latest rumour will be music to your ears.

According to Navtra, a reliable leaker who posts on ResetEra, an “extended” edition of Death Stranding is in the works for the PS4 and PS5.

And, most interestingly, the insider said this new version of Death Stranding will add more story content.

When asked whether existing Death Stranding owners would be getting a free PS5 upgrade Navtra said: “Even if there’s an upgrade path I think it will be paid since there’s new story content in this version.”

Kojima has re-released plenty of his classic games in the past, with Snatcher, Policenauts and Metal Gear Solid 2 all getting beefier versions further down the line.

But the tease about extra story content for Death Stranding is a curious one, as the original game wrapped things up well.

Death Stranding is definitely a unique game, which won’t be to everyone’s liking.

The gameplay is largely focused on exploration, which some gamers and critics found laborious and tiresome.

Others have praised Death Stranding for its gorgeous visuals, clever social mechanics which reward players for helping out complete strangers, and its monstrous, jaw-dropping boss battles.

We’re in the latter camp. When reviewed Death Stranding back in 2019 we were blown away.

In our review we said: “When Kojima and Konami parted ways, long-term Metal Gear fans were likely left crestfallen at the end of such an illustrious era.

“Was that it for MGS? And if so would Kojima’s next project ever live up to the series that he made his name with?

“Thankfully, fast forward four years from that split and such concerns can well and truly be cast aside.

“In the same way that MGS was a defining PS1 game, Death Stranding will be remembered as one of the most remarkable games of the PS4 era.

“It marks a new high point in cinematic gaming, a benchmark that all titles going forward will be measured against.

“Not only that, but it’s one of the best games Hideo Kojima has ever made – and ranks up there with his finest work.

“Death Stranding had a huge amount of hype surrounding it. And, somehow, it managed not only to live up to that but exceed it.”


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