Kaspersky explained: “After receiving all of the answers, the site does provide a key — and it appears to work because it was coded into the fake installer. The game loads, and it looks like fun time may have arrived at last. Well, not quite. The app displays a splash screen but then says it is missing a DLL required to run the game.

“The frustrated user now has to click on another Download button and again is redirected to a Web page with yet another survey (which is a dead end).

“Once again, alas, no pot of gold waits at the end of the rainbow. Patient users will find only a fake installer and a “game” that never gets past the splash screen.”

Kaspersky also offered further advice on how to stay clear of such scams…

• Remember that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. A website offering a free version of one of the most anticipated games of the year before the release date is bound to be fake.

• Think twice before giving any website personal information or payment details. In cases of sites promising access to a coveted file or key, you’ll be wasting your time — or worse.

• Use a reliable security solution with a database of fraudulent resources that is updated in real time. It will tell you which sites to steer clear of, and it will protect you from malware.


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