While the free event might be over for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, there is good news for gamers who have decided to buy the full version.

Activision and developers Treyarch have confirmed that the latest Double XP event will continue in Cold War until December 28.

And not only will it be available in Black Ops, but will also be expanding to Call of Duty Warzone later this week.

According to the latest news from Treyarch, Double XP will be available in Battle Royale on December 25.

Treyarch confirmed earlier this month: “Starting 10AM December 18 to 10AM December 21, all Operators* (whether you’re in the free access or not) will earn double XP and double weapons bonuses across the available Multiplayer modes.

“The bonuses continue at 10AM on December 22 through 10AM December 28 with Double Battle Pass XP in Multiplayer to unlock Battle Pass System content twice as fast. That’s a full 10 days to level up your Operator, weapons, and Battle Pass System tiers!

“But keep in mind, from December 22-25, the Double Battle Pass XP is available only in Black Ops Cold War, and free access ends December 24. However, the Double Battle Pass XP bonus then kicks in for both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone from December 25-28.”

The new Double XP event will make it easier for new COD gamers picking up the game this week to level up faster across all modes.

And it will also come as a boost to anyone who is just starting to unlock tiers on the Season 1 Battle Pass.

And the latest update released for Black Ops Cold War has brought with it some returning fan-favourite modes, including Prop Hunt.

For anyone who has never played it before, there’s a full explainer listed below, courtesy of Activision:

“The first thing to know is that the mode is divided between two teams: Props and Hunters.

“Being a Prop is as exactly as it sounds: You play as a random object specifically designed to fit into the surroundings of whichever map you’re spawned into. Although being a Prop is far better than being one of your inanimate peers, you can be destroyed if a Hunter finds and damages you, and every 30 seconds, you have the uncontrollable urge to whistle.

“However, since a Prop could fit into its surroundings, you should be able to find a nice inconspicuous spot to hide.

“As a Prop, you’ll get a short period of time to find your hiding spot before the Hunters are released. Every 30 seconds, all surviving Props make a loud whistle noise that helps Hunters figure out where they are.

“Other than finding a phenomenal hiding space and waiting out the clock, Props have a few other tools at their disposal to fight back Hunters.”

Decoys: These are carbon copies of whichever Prop you happen to be. Place your decoys in areas that will throw off Hunters while you’re tucked away somewhere they can’t find. There’s an art to doing this and it’ll take some time to master, but with enough practice, you’ll be able to use decoys to effectively throw Hunters off your trail.

Changing Shape: If you don’t like your current Prop, or if you’ve been spotted and you need to make a quick getaway, you have the option to switch to another one. You can only do this a limited number of times, so make your switches count, and make do with whatever shape you end up with… Even if it is as ridiculous as a baby grand piano.

Stun: If a Hunter gets too close for comfort, Props have the ability to stun them with a Flashbang-like explosion. Doing this will give you a few seconds to make a quick getaway.


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