Activision has announced its plans to add a new Cold War Zombies map after completing this week’s Call of Duty Black Ops free trial.

Gamers can log in right now and download the free Zombies trial, which lasts until Thursday, January 21.

Activision is doing everything it can to advertise Black Ops Cold War across modes, with the free Zombies trials just the latest attempt.

Not only can you download and play Zombies for free today, but you can also enjoy the new Cranked Mode.

This is paired with a Double XP event going live later this week, and it follows the launch of Resurgence Mode in Warzone.

Resurgence Mode is a much-diluted version of Battle Royale, where you can respawn as long as one of your teammates continues to survive.

This is just another way Activision has tried to hook players on the classic Call of Duty multiplayer formula and more is coming soon.

Firebase Z will be launching in early February and will be the next major free update for Cold War Zombies.

A message from Treyarch teases: “With the site of “Projekt Endstation” destroyed after investigating the Dark Aether anomaly in Poland, the Requiem response team led by Grigori Weaver now turns its attention to the latest outbreak site, codenamed “Firebase Z.”

“The next chapter in Black Ops Cold War Zombies begins on February 4 as Season One continues.”

More news regarding Firebase Z will be announced on January 15, and will likely include a full trailer for gamers to watch.

More on today’s Cold War update can be found below:


To celebrate the continuation of Season One, Double Weapon XP Weekend is coming to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone starting on January 15 through January 19. This is a great opportunity to quickly earn attachments for the Streetsweeper or camos for the Wakizashi as soon as they are unlocked or keep striving toward those DM Ultra and Dark Aether mastery camos in MP and Zombies.

New Mode: Cranked (Live Now)

Today, “Die Maschine” gets its newest limited-time mode – both literally and figuratively.

In Cranked, you’ll have to keep one eye on the countdown timer, and the other on your zombie-killing: spend too long without an undead takedown and you’ll explode! There’s no time to lose as your survival depends on frantic, terror-filled takedowns where the only respite is the Cranked Timer power-up, granting a brief breather before the carnage continues.

New Onslaught Maps (PlayStation Exclusive): Raid (Live Now) and Express (Feb. 4)

PlayStation members of Requiem will face a new challenge on the legendary Multiplayer map Raid, starting today. And on Feb. 4, Express will also join the map list when it makes its Onslaught debut.

Go for Gold as you keep up with the Dark Aether Orb, which will shift to different areas of Raid’s swank Los Angeles mansion as the zombie horde becomes more fearsome. Earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold rankings by destroying enough Elites, and you’ll unlock some exclusive rewards. You might even discover some new Dark Aether intel along the way.

Wakizashi (Available Now)

A personal defense weapon and companion sword to the samurai’s katana, this traditionally forged blade uses two types of steel in its construction and is lightweight, resilient to force, and durable to wear.

Compared to the standard Knife, the Wakizashi offers a slightly better reach in exchange for speed, which opens up new strategies for those who swear on bringing knives to a gunfight.

Like the Streetsweeper shotgun, the Wakizashi can be unlocked via in-game challenge, where it can then be levelled up for camos and XP. A Blueprint from the same weapon family is also available today in the all-new “Disavowed Assassin” Bundle.


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