Tracker accounts and gamers are confirming that Argos has launched a limited PS5 re-stock today.

The easiest route to buying a PS5 has been via the UK retailer’s App, with the website reportedly not offering as many opportunities.

PS5 stock accounts on Twitter have been tracking the current situation and claim Argos has provided a partial re-stock via its App.

A message from PS5 Instant on Twitter reveals the best way to go about trying to secure a console, telling hopeful gamers: “Argos is still in stock, try alternative Web browser or device, it’s really buggy.

“Some people are adding to wishlist with insurance then taking insurance out and checking out.”

And for those who might have missed their opportunity with Argos, more stock updates are expected today, with PS5 Instant adding:

“If you didn’t manage to get one, don’t worry, we still have plenty of drops, including Currys, Very, John Lewis, AO, BT and more still to drop this week, so there are plenty more chances to get a PS5 soon.”

A break down on what needs to happen to try and get a PlayStation 5 console reportedly runs like this:

1) Create Argos account

2) Login on the Argos app

3) Go on mobile browser, Google search Argos PS5; it will send you to app

4) Add PS5 to watchlist on Argos app

5) Move PS5 over to trolley from Argos app

6) Go back to safari, log in to Argos and go to the basket and check out.

The first UK retailer to offer more PS5 stock this week was Amazon, with customers limited to one console per-person.

According to those in the queue, the internet giant sold out very quickly and it’s unclear if more will be made available from Amazon again this week.

The good news is that Very will be offering the next PS5 stock update today, between 10am and Noon.

This release window remains a prediction and it will be worth keeping an eye on the site from 8am onward to make sure you don’t miss out.

For those who are looking for the Very PlayStation 5 page on the official, it doesn’t appear to have been made live yet.

That means it will be worth finding a direct link before everything kicks off in the coming hours.


And as mentioned above, Very is just one of many leading retailers who are rumoured to be getting PS5 stock this week.

And to provide further context, here are the times that PS5 stock usually drops from leading retailers:

  • BT& EE – 8am
  • John Lewis – around 8am
  • Very – varies from 10am to Noon
  • Amazon UK – 8am to 2pm
  • Argos – 1 to 4am
  • ASDA – Late Afternoon
  • Currys – 4 to 8am


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