MTV is bringing back ‘Daria’ (News)


“It’s less about the monetization and more about telling great stories.”


MTV has announced plans to revive the cult 90s animated series Daria.

Although rebranded as Daria and Jodie, the show will still follow the adventures of the misanthropic teenager – but with greater focus on close friend Daria Landon.

The revival will be written by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt scribe Grace Edwards, and is set to offer a unique perspective on “deconstructing popular culture, social classes, gender and race.”

MTV Network president Chris McCarthy said: “We have talked to a bunch of people, informally, in advance of it and there’s a ton of interest.

“It’s less about the monetization and more about telling great stories.”

McCarthy also hinted that the show might not necessarily air on MTV – a Netflix streaming deal could be on the cards too.

Daria first aired in 1997 as a spinoff of Beavis and Butt-Head and followed Daria Morgendorffer through her teenage years.

It lasted five seasons with a total of 70 episodes, which includes one unaired pilot, and two television movies and two specials.

Earlier this year, MTV was also forced to confirm that it has axed the reboot of iconic music show Total Request Live just five months after it launched.

It was re-launched by the channel in October 2017, and has been met with poor reviews and ratings ever since.

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Got £3.25million? You can buy Liam Gallagher’s London home (News)


The record was partly the inspiration behind debut solo album ‘As You Were’

Liam Gallagher‘s penthouse apartment in North London is up for sale for £3.25million.

The former Oasis and Beady Eye turned solo star’s five-bedroom (and five-bathroom) home can be found in Cholmeley Park in Highgate Village. It’s currently up for sale on Dexters and, as Homes And Property reports, was first bought by Gallagher three years ago before he “kitted it out with memorabilia of his favourite band, The Beatles”.

In an interview with The Evening Standard, Gallagher cited the property as an important part of the creation of his acclaimed debut solo album ‘As You Were’.

“It’s like 360-degree views over Ally Pally [Alexandra Palace], so it was just pure light,” he said, “and that helped my head a bit.”

The listing of the property reads that the apartment within walking distance to the Highgate and Archway stations reads: “Over the second and third floors of a discreet modern building and offers wonderfully bright, striking and contemporary accommodation in the region of 2,400 square feet, featuring an outstanding 29′ x 23′ reception room with the entire length of glazed curtain wall opening directly on to the roof terrace.”

Liam Gallagher naked fan Dublin

One fan got a little too excited once he heard the Oasis rarities


In other Oasis-related property news, Noel Gallagher’s infamous former home ‘Supernova Heights’ is currently up for sale for £5million – from David Walliams.

Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher says that he is currently “flying through” work on his next solo album – but revealed that he’ll be “taking a breather” after that.

Liam Gallagher tour dates and tickets

See Gallagher’s full upcoming UK tour dates below. Tickets are available here.

Saturday June 23 – ISLE OF WIGHT Seaclose Park
Friday June 29 – LONDON Finsbury Park
Saturday June 30 – GLASGOW Green
Friday August 17 – CHELMSFORD Hylands Park
Saturday August 18 – MANCHESTER Lancashire County Cricket Club


To celebrate new movie TAG, here are the greatest musical team-ups (News)


A great team can always achieve more than a great individual. That’s never more true than in the epic new comedy Tag, in which a group of old friends have been playing the same ridiculous game of tag for over twenty years. One of their number, Jerry (Jeremy Renner), has never been ‘it’, so his pals (Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Jake Johnson and Hannibal Buress) team up to take him down.

To celebrate Tag’s release, we give you the greatest team-ups in music history.

Jay-Z and Kanye

You could do a whole list of just amazing Jay-Z collaborations here, but his finest is with his equally grandstanding buddy Kanye, because they didn’t just put out a few amazing songs. They did a whole amazing album, Watch The Throne. From No Church In The Wild to Ni**as in Paris, they put on a rap battle in which nobody lost and everybody won. If we’re allowed, can we also chuck in their collaboration with Nikki Minaj on Monster? (which Minaj won)

The Chemical Brothers and Noel Gallagher

When he was still one half of Oasis, Noel leant his vocals to two of the best Chemical Brothers songs: Let Forever Be and Setting Sun. Noel was always an under appreciated, distinctive vocalist and he and the dance duo brought out the best in each other.

Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk

A collaboration between three musical acts of such individual skill that it could only produce one of the best songs of the decade. Get Lucky was a gift from the musical gods, a song that will still have you whacking up the volume when it comes on shuffle.

The Beatles and Eric Clapton

The Beatles didn’t ‘do’ collaborations. They didn’t need to, they were The Beatles. Who could possibly make them better? The answer is Eric Clapton. Old Slow Hands guested on While My Guitar Gently Weeps, providing the emotional instrumentation that title demanded. It’s a low-key collaboration, but a timeless, elegant one.

David Bowie and Queen

Two different types of pantomime collide on Under Pressure. Freddie Mercury is a pop peacock. David Bowie is a precious gift from space. They’re both born performers, experimenters, total, once in a lifetime loons, and they combine to make a song that just keeps climbing and climbing, Mercury’s technically flawless vocals soaring around Bowie’s unique quaver. By the time they’re repeatedly imploring each other to “give love” you’re all theirs, ready to give whatever they want.

Aerosmith and Run DMC

Complete lunacy of a collaboration. Rap crew Run DMC and hair-rock screamers Aerosmith shouldn’t even exist in the same aisle of the record shop, let alone on the same song. And yet, while it makes no real sense, Walk This Way refuses you time to think about the oddness of what’s happening.

Brandy and Monica

Who doesn’t love a battle duet? Brandy and Monica, who were chart rivals at the time, went toe-to-toe on The Boy Is Mine, a musical argument about who deserved to keep a guy who was clearly not good enough for either of them to be bothering with. The result is a song that could be released today and still be a massive hit. Put it on at any party, watch every woman in the room go mad, and ask if it’s lost any of its power.

Rihanna and Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris has had all manner of vocalists popping by his studio, from Ellie Goulding to Dua Lipa, and they’ve created some lovely tunes, no question. No other collaboration, however, has come even close to We Found Love, his absolutely barnstormer with Rihanna, which turns some pretty gloomy lyrics into a hands-in-the-air, dance-until-your-legs-drop-off enormo-banger. It remains possibly the best pop song of the century so far. This Is What We Came For, their other song, is a winner too, but We Found Love is perfection.

Jay-Z and Linkin Park

Another Jay-Z, yes, but this has to be included because on paper it’s a nonsense. The overlap on die-hard Jay-Z fans and devotees of Linkin Park, probably isn’t huge, but these unlikely collaborators produced an excellent EP, Collision Course, that mashed together some of their respective biggest hits. The highlight, by some distance, is Numb/Encore which improves both songs.

Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue

He’s a man with a voice like wind through a graveyard and the elegantly spooky demeanour to match. She’s the princess of jaunty pop. They made a haunting match on the strange fairytale Where The Wild Roses Grow, in which they croon at each other about Minogue’s grisly murder. Lovely!

TAG is in cinemas July 6


Lucasfilm is still ploughing ahead with ‘multiple’ Star Wars films (News)


Lucasfilm has confirmed that ‘multiple’ films within the Star Wars universe are still in the works, after it was claimed that the projects were being shelved in the wake of Solo: A Star Wars Story tanking at the global box office.

Reports earlier this week had claimed that all of Lucasfilm’s planned spin-offs were being put on ice – including rumoured origins stories for Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

But it seems that’s not necessarily the case, according to ABC.

A Lucasfilm representative has confirmed that ‘multiple’ unannounced projects are still going ahead – which means that the original death knell may have been a little premature.

It’s believed that the unannounced projects are totally separate to an already-announced Star Wars trilogy that is being created by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson and another group of movies from Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

In other recent Star Wars news, John Boyega recently spoke out in defence of The Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran after she was targeted online by abusive fans.

She was the first woman of colour to play a leading role in the franchise – playing mechanic Rose Tico, who befriends and ultimately saves Finn (John Boyega) from dying in The Last Jedi. It was first reported back in December that she had faced racist and sexist comments after her appearance in the film. Now, Boyego has joined the ranks of other co-stars and hit out at those who harassed her.

“If you don’t like Star Wars or the characters understand that there are decisions makers and harassing the actors/ actresses will do nothing,” he wrote on Twitter. “You’re not entitled to politeness when your approach is rude. Even if you paid for a ticket!”



Girls, it’s OK to say Ocean’s 8 is a mediocre movie (News)


Just because you’re crying out for badass girl movies, you don’t need to cry classic at this one

When the all-women reboot of Ghostbusters came around in 2016, I hyped it, took a guy to see it, laughed too loudly in the cinema then defended it (mostly to men) for the next few months. And it turns out you can defend a Paul Feig film about ghosts with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon at the top of their game. For a while. Until you realise it just wasn’t very good and those funny ladies deserved better.

And here we are again.

Brie Larson recently called out old, white, male film critics who’ve been panning A Wrinkle In Time, and pulling down its Rotten Tomatoes score, by saying “it’s not for you”.

Well, Brie, I am all for more female and ethnically diverse movie critics. Yes please, I’m available. I have also seen and enjoyed both Ocean’s 11 and the Met Gala fashion documentary The First Monday In May meaning Ocean’s 8 – set at that very gala – is very much For Me. I’m squatting in the sweet spot of potential audiences here. And I’m not going to halfheartedly defend a reboot this time. It’s OK to say it’s stylish-ish, with charming performances, the soundtrack’s quite fun… and it’s still a mediocre movie.

“I’m squatting in the sweet spot of potential audiences here, but I’m not going to halfheartedly defend a reboot this time just because it has a female cast”

Movie star women getting to be dickheads on the big screen is a sight to behold and probably worth the ticket price. But it can’t forgive everything and the heist in Ocean’s 8 is weak AF.

An Ocean’s movie lives and dies on its ability to set up, then show and tell, how its squad of rogues got one over on whatever bastards they’re duping that day. All with a breezy charm and a cast of shit-eating faces. Not the kind that makes you want to smack those pretty faces, the kind that makes you want to be in their club. Let’s call that delicate balance the Soderbergh Smug. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it until I watched Steven Soderbergh’s Logan LuckyOcean’s-does-Nascar-with-hicks – last year and there it was. But we’re not here to talk about the boys.

Adam Driver and Channing Tatum rocking the ‘Soderbergh Smug’

In the first half of Ocean’s 8Ocean’s-does-jewels-with-girls – most of me was waiting for the main Met Gala heist. The character intros did just enough to get me itching for an intricate scheme and satisfying pay-off, but what we got was an unconvincing villain, plot holes, one painfully obvious twist and a switcheroo that was just, well, boring.

I refuse to believe it took Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) FIVE YEARS AND EIGHT MONTHS in prison to come up with this plan. What was the idea she was rolling with in year three – a gorilla suit? As a caper, I’d put it in the same category as Ocean’s 12. Yeah. You have to earn the Smug.

That’s not to say I had my left nostril scrunched up in disgust for nearly two hours. There is stuff here that we could do with more of when it comes to mainstream cinema. I laughed along at Mindy Kaling’s comic timing, I enjoyed Awkwafina and Rihanna’s whole vibes, and was impressed by what the cast was able to do with the too thin, too short hang-out sections of Gary Ross and Olivia Milch’s script. (Ross also wrote the story – i.e. the disappointing plot – and directed).

And I’m always here for women being unruly on screen, whether that’s eating, drinking, hacking, stealing or just being capable in one scene and mucking about in the next. That’s genuinely an example of something male critics might ignore or undervalue.

“I’m always here for women being unruly on screen, whether that’s eating, drinking, hacking, stealing or just being capable in one scene and mucking about in the next. That’s genuinely an example of something male critics might ignore or undervalue.”

There’s a moment where Lou (Cate Blanchett, underserved) puts on her Soderbergh Smug face and moves to fix her sparkly outfit – which does not need fixing – for an audience of one, her friend and co-conspirator Debbie. That small touch gave me the same cinema thrill as seeing Wonder Woman throwing soldiers through brick walls or Kate McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzmann whip out her blasters for a slow mo, ghost killing spree.

It’s OK to say Ocean’s 8 isn’t that great but that, in the right hands, a similar spin-off or copycat could be. Just like it’s OK to say that Black Panther was a joyous vision of afrofuturism spliced with a pretty average superhero plot. When the first movie in a franchise is always fronted by white men, it becomes an increasingly impossible task to keeps things fresh for those who get to play with the fourth, fifth, sixth instalments.

It’s OK. You can vote with your £10 Odeon ticket for more of this. You can want to see more movies like this without ever watching this one again.

Let’s not be the girls who cried classic. It’s a disservice to the future, female-led films that will get it right. When the time comes, like it did for broad comedies with the undeniably brilliant Bridesmaids, we can go all in, wailing full-hearted praise into the internet and physically forcing naysaying bro butts into cinema seats.

It’s OK. It’s making enough money at the box office. It’s OK.


Dave Grohl dedicates Kerrang! Award to Chester Bennington with moving speech (News)


‘I know what it’s like to lose somebody like that’

Dave Grohl used Foo Fighters‘ acceptance speech at last night’s Kerrang! Awards to pay tribute to the late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington.

Last night saw the Foos pick up the prizes for Best Live Band and Best International Act. During their speech for the latter, Grohl dedicated the win to Bennington and compared the loss of that of his late Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain.

“On a serious note, I would like to dedicate this one to Chester,” said Grohl. “I know what it’s like to lose somebody like that. At least we have his music forever. So this one’s for Chester.”

The Linkin Park frontman passed away in July after taking his own life. He was just 41-years-old.

Last week, Mike Shinoda addressed whether Linkin Park will continue without Chester Bennington.

“That’s the million-dollar question, right?” he said. “And, unfortunately, I’ve said it before, but there aren’t any answers to that at this point. It would be awesome if there were. That would be really easy.”

“I wish we were in a Brian Johnson/Bon Scott situation where it’s, like, no, the guy, our best friend, who sang for the band who passed away, he literally said, ‘This is the guy,’ and we listened to the guy and the guy’s definitely the guy, and we all love hanging out with him, and we want to play with him.

“That didn’t happen to anybody else, really. That hasn’t happened to us.”

Meanwhile, this weekend sees Foo Fighters return to London for huge shows – here’s everything you need to know about the gigs.


Liam Gallagher admits Oasis is ‘over’ and explains why Noel wouldn’t be in the band today (News)


“It’s sad but that’s the way it is”

Liam Gallagher has thrown cold water over an Oasis reunion, and explained why Noel wouldn’t fit in with the group if they were to join forces once more.

Although achieving huge success as a solo artist, Liam has always remained adamant that he would prefer to be in Oasis.

But despite previously remaining hopeful, he’s now offering a less optimistic take on things.

“I think Oasis is over, it’s sad but that’s the way it is”, he told the Daily Star.

He said of Noel: “At the moment I don’t want to be nowhere near that guy, because he’s not the guy that was in Oasis, I’m still the same guy that was in Oasis. He’s a bit pompous and a bit of a snob.”

“We were a naughty band that liked having a laugh, he seems to be hanging about with, like, the Queen these days. I actually don’t think Oasis would have him, let alone him have Oasis.”

He added: :He’d only want to get some girl in playing scissors at the back or someone f***ing eating candy floss.

“We were a great band and we shouldn’t have split up. People say I split Beady Eye up for financial reasons; you’ll find Noel Gallagher split up Oasis for financial reasons and glory f***ing reasons.”

Liam also recently revealed that he’s well on the way to finishing his second solo album – and he’ll take a break after that.

“I think we’ll do these albums and then I’ll have a bit of a break and get out of everyone’s hair – and have a breather – and then do a third one if the second one goes well.”


These are the stage times and support acts for Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ tour shows at Wembley Stadium (News)


This weekend sees Taylor Swift play two nights of her acclaimed ‘Reputation’ World Tour at London’s Wembley Stadium. Check out the stage times for Swift and her support acts below.

Swift will be joined at the shows by special guests Charli XCX and Camilla Cabello – who have both duetted with the star during previous shows. This weekend they roll into London to perform at the iconic Wembley Stadium tonight (Friday June 22) and tomorrow (Saturday June 23).

Charli XCX, Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello performing

Stage times for each act are below (but subject to change)

Doors open at 5pm
Charlie XCX – 6:45pm 
Camila Cabello – 7:25pm   
Taylor Swift – 8:15pm 

Last month, Swift revealed revealed that she “went through some really low times” as she discussed the inspiration behind her now-iconic snake visuals.

“A couple of years ago, someone called me a snake on social media and it caught on,” Swift told the crowd. “And then a lot of people called me a lot of names on social media.

“I went through some really low times for a while because of it. I went through some times when I didn’t know if I was going to get to do this anymore.”

Ahead of the tour’s opening night, Katy Perry also sent a literal olive branch to Taylor Swift as an apparent offer of reconciliation.

Swift’s London dates are below. Tickets are available here.

Friday June 22 2018 – LONDON Wembley Stadium
Saturday June 23 2018 – LONDON Wembley Stadium


Mark, My Words: Do I have a “gaming disorder”!? (News)


The World Health Organisation have classified “gaming disorder” as a mental health problem. In the first of his new, weekly column, NME veteran and unashamed gamer Mark Beaumont wonders if he might be a victim – and what prescription drugs it might get him

Hello, my name is Mark and I’m… I’m… I’m a gamer. It’s been 15 minutes since my last save. I’ve been mainlining survival horror, sandbox RPGs and A-grade GTA for most of my adult life and I just can’t bring myself to… sorry, is that a beta demo of the new Tomb Raider? Just five minutes, please, I need it…

Yes, after years of being told that pounding feverishly away on my Dualshock has been helping me hone my cognitive reflexes and problem-solving skills, the World Health Organisation are now claiming that gaming is a disease. “Gaming disorder”, affecting an estimated 0.5 percent of the US population, was listed in the 11th edition of the WHO’s International Classification Of Diseases this week, probably alongside other new entries such as the new strain of airborne mega-gonorrhoea that’s threatening to escape containment in the Love Island villa, and the suddenly resurgent epidemic of Tinnitus Florencewelchius, victims of which are plagued by the constant, painful sound of cats fighting.

Now, classifying gaming as a mental health illness that may well justify regular days off work and medicinal marijuana is kind of playing into our hands, but it does make the casual gamer such as myself – y’know, squeezing in maybe 20 or 30 hours a week unless you really need to wash – wonder if you’ve got a problem. Should I be spending every Wednesday night in a circle of thumb-twitching addicts going cold turkey after a 68-hour Zelda jag? According to Dr. Vladimir Poznyak of the WHO there are three clear signs of gaming disorder. One: spending time gaming over other activities, “to the extent that other activities are taken to the periphery”. Excuse me for an hour while I slay Black Dragon Kalameet again, and I’ll address this one. Right, that’s done, now where was I? Oh, never mind.

“One of my more painful break-ups could be blamed on that notorious home-wrecker Fallout 3, undoubtedly the third wheel in that relationship.”

The other two signs amount to much the same thing – that a gamer continues playing “despite negative consequences” and that compulsive gaming leads to “significant strain on personal, family, social, educational, or occupational functioning, affecting relationships and health”. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick and tick. Health-wise, I’m far more likely to do a speed-run through Anor Londo before breakfast than round Plumstead Common. Relationship-wise, one of my more painful break-ups could be blamed, at least in part, on that notorious home-wrecker Fallout 3, undoubtedly the third wheel in that relationship. Work-wise, this novel is doing a dreadful job of writing itself while I’m busy doing important papyrus-deciphering business in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

It’s increasingly easy for modern games to get inside your head. Just a few gens ago solo campaigns would generally last between 10 and 20 hours, long enough to get a solid fortnight of adrenalin bursts out of but short enough that you don’t start calling close family members Snake. We got hooked on the buzz of fighting mahoosive monsters between lengthy bouts of snail-pace self-improvement, a bit like getting a doctorate at the University Of Cloverfield. Then they started giving us Grand Theft Autos set in intricately-designed working cities and 200-hour long sandbox RPG games like Skyrim and The Witcher 3 where there’s always another endlessly repeating fetch quest, another innocuous stat to pump and a shit-kicking new axe you can’t use until you’ve farmed another 15,000 mutant badgers for 2.5XP apiece.

“Suddenly we were spending months doing hard, monotonous graft in hyper-real, deeply immersive landscapes – kind of like doing a proper job in the real world but with some kind of dependable transport.”

Suddenly we were spending months doing hard, monotonous graft in hyper-real, deeply immersive landscapes – kind of like doing a proper job in the real world but with some kind of dependable transport. Inevitably, the edges start to blur. Deep into a game I’ve found myself wandering the real world, drawn to anything blue because it should mean I can interact with it, or wondering if a particular cathedral is climbable. But I’ve never lost my engrained grasp of real-world boundaries, possibilities and consequences. Even after my most intense GTA sessions I’ve never thought I could go out and steal a car, rob a bookies or kill a prostitute. Because killing a prostitute in the real world is a far more involved process than just running up to them, pressing the trigger button a couple of times, having their cash instantly transferred into your bank account and sauntering off hoping no passing policemen happen to have seen it. There’ll be bodies to hide, witnesses to eliminate, CCTV cameras to avoid, DNA evidence to mop up, taunting letters to send to chief detectives…

“I’m not addicted. I’m not haunted in my sleep by the phantom voices of Japanese 12-year-olds calling me a dick for being crap at Call Of Duty.”

What I’m trying to say is don’t kill prostitutes, OK? But do my brief moments of disconnect between game and reality mean I have a gaming disorder? When I finish the main storyline of a GTA I leave it behind, I don’t spend the next six years living in the bloody thing perfecting my BMX wheelies with groups of like-minded virtual stunt cyclists. I’m not haunted in my sleep by the phantom voices of Japanese 12-year-olds calling me a dick for being crap at Call Of Duty. Sure I’ve reduced all human contact for the past fortnight to brief snatches between the boss fights of my 30 or so hours in Dark Souls Remasteredfor work – but I can handle it, man. That said, I’m seriously considering going cold turkey, to prove to myself that I can. Four months should do it. Right up until Red Dead Redemption 2.


Sam Smith responds to claims that he ‘fat shamed’ a woman on holiday (News)


‘He was jealous of her fabulous breakfast’

Sam Smith has denied claims that he ‘fat shamed’ a woman while on holiday.

The singer, who was on holiday with 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn, came under fire after he shared a video on his Instagram story where he zoomed in on the breakfast of a nearby diner in a Californian cafe with the caption ‘good going’. Flynn can be seen pulling a face in the video.

“It seems as if he is fat-shaming me for having such a big breakfast,” London office worker Lauren Brooks told The Daily Star, after recognising herself in the video.

She continued: “He has 9.5million followers – and anyone who knew me and followed him would recognise me right away. Imagine if I was a girl who was even slightly insecure about her weight.

“To have a celeb mock her for eating a meal would be horrendous.”

Responding to the claims, a spokesman told Digital Spy that “Sam posted because he was jealous of her fabulous breakfast.”

Back in 2015, the ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ singer spoke out about his own battles with having a negative body image. Smith said he has struggled with the issue since childhood and has lost almost 50lb in a year.

“I still feel pressured to look a certain way,” he told NME. “For women, the pressure in this industry is horrendous and it’s got to stop. But it’s the same for guys, even though they won’t speak about it.”

Sam Smith for NME

He continued: “I want to be a voice for that: just because I’ve lost weight doesn’t mean that I’m happy and content with my body. Because of the media, and because of what I feel I should look like, it’s always going to be a battle in my head.”

Smith also stated that his insecurities have influenced his song writing, describing one new song about body image as “the happiest I’ve ever written… [or] at least it’s not too sad.”