Some Pixel owners could be left sorely disappointed as it’s been revealed that no more updates or new features are coming to one of Google’s older phones. As spotted by the team at Android Central, it appears that a delayed November security patch, which has just been released, will be very last update to arrive on the popular Pixel 2.

This device was originally unveiled back in 2017 and it’s not unusual for tech firms to stop releasing patches for phones of this age. However, that won’t come as any relief to owners who will now be forced to buy a new Pixel if they want to stay up to speed with the all latest security updates and shiny new features.

If you own a newer Pixel then things won’t change for a while with Google’s device support schedule confirming all other devices will get updates until at least late 2021.

Here’s the full schedule from Google

Pixel 3 • No guaranteed updates after October 2021

Pixel 3a • No guaranteed updates after May 2022

Pixel 4 • No guaranteed updates after October 2022

Pixel 4a • No guaranteed updates after August 2023

Pixel 5 • No guaranteed updates after October 2023

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If you are worried about your Pixel 2 not being secured by ant new patches then there’s plenty of new devices for Google fans to choose from including the new budget Pixel 4a and 4a with 5G.

These phones come packed with features including an impressive camera and fast processor with prices starting from just £399.

If you want a flagship from the US firm then the latest Pixel 5 was revealed back in October with this phone featuring an all-screen design, access to 5G data speeds and a 6-inch OLED screen which covers the entire from of the phone.

There’s also a better rear camera which Google says offers an improved Night Sight mode which not only takes photos without the need for flash but can now add stunning bokeh effects even when the lights are low.

Google has also upgraded its HDR+ technology so every shot snapped on the phone should look vivid and pin-sharp and if you love shooting video the Pixel 5 comes with something called Cinematic Pan, which gives your videos a professional look with ultra-smooth panning that’s inspired by the equipment Hollywood directors use.

Other extras include wireless charging and a fast Qualcomm processor.

The Pixel 5 costs £599.


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