Netflix users have been left without access to the popular streaming service this morning due to a strange error message. The gremlins appear to have begun at around 11am with thousands of reports coming in from across the globe that Netflix is offline. Some users have posted messages on social media saying that they are seeing a 500 error when trying to stream their favourite shows.

Downdector which tracks social mentions across the globe is also seeing thousands of reports that Netflix is offline. At its peak some 1,500 users were complaining that the streaming service wasn’t working.

Speaking on Downdetector’s forum page, one user said: “Error Code NSES-500 cannot connect but internet is working fine and I’ve cleared internet browsing history and cache.”

Twitter is also full of complaints with fans who were hoping for a quick boxset binge left disappointed.

One tweet said: “Love how I look to Twitter to see if Netflix is down for everyone else.”

Whilst another added: “Why is Netflix down when you need it ughhhhh”



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