Visit In is an opt-in service, however, Android Police said an update enabling this functionality has been installed onto devices in the background. Max Weinbach, formerly with XDA Developers and now with the Android-centric website, wrote: “Yesterday morning, I had a push notification for Visit In show up on my $2,000 Galaxy Z Fold2.

“My incredibly expensive phone wants to track my location to serve me ads so it can sell me even more products. We’ve called Samsung out for its dubious advertising practices before, but installing an app in the background without user consent and then sending a push notification to get you to use it is frankly offensive. No doubt some unsuspecting users will absent-mindedly sign up for it.”

If you want to uninstall Samsung Visit In, then you’ll have to first off enable Developer Mode on your device, according to YouTuber Explaining Android.

You can enable Developer Mode by heading to the Settings page and then going to ‘About device’ or ‘About phone’.

Then, you will need to find the ‘Build number’ section which could be located in the ‘Software information’ page.


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