Next time you’re using Google Maps to track down a famous landmark or find a cafe for your morning coffee things should be made a little easier. That’s all thanks to the introduction of an a-new split-screen mode.

As spotted by the team at 9to5Google, this latest change from the US technology firm has begun being pushed out to some Android devices across the world and basically allows users to see both the standard map view and popular Street View imagery at the same time. As you’re probably aware, Street View is a convenient way of tracking down a location as you get to see real images of the area you are visiting rather just a basic graphic on a map.

There’s also another bonus as, along with Google’s own street view imagery, you can also access photos taken by other Google Maps users simply by tapping on the blue circles that appear on the map. This can help you find points of interest or hidden gems that haven’t been spotted by Google Street View car.

This new upgrade appears to be being rolled out to all Android devices but there’s no mention yet of Apple’s iPhone being treated to the new feature.

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As Google explains on its blog, “In some cities around the world, you can now find street-level details, like crosswalks, sidewalks, and true-to-scale road widths, within Maps. These details help you more accurately explore an area and make plans before you visit. This can be especially helpful when you navigate on foot or have accessibility needs, like wheelchair or stroller requirements.”


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