Golovin said one of the most frustrating things about the fake Minecraft app threat is victims may be left scratching their heads as to why their browser keeps opening.

They could end up believing the problem lies with the browser itself, and try to delete and reinstall the browser to remedy the problem – which won’t fix anything.

The only way to nip this threat in the bud once and for all is to find and remove the fake Minecraft app.

However, this brings up its own problem as an Android user may have completely forgotten about its existence.

Golovin explained: “The only way to defeat the problem is to get rid of the malicious app. But that means locating it, which may be tricky; affected users may not remember what exactly they installed before their phones started acting up.

“After identifying the malicious app, you’ll need to find it in device settings (Settings → Apps and notifications → Show all apps) and delete it from there.

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