Currys PC world’s website is having a tough day as it’s faced an onslaught of gamers rushing to buy the new PS5 console. Earlier today the UK retailer confirmed that it would have more PlayStation 5 stock arriving today and this news appears to have placed some added strain on its website.

The first outage happened earlier today at around 8.30am with this then followed by another issue at around 1.40 pm this afternoon.

The site appears to now be back up and running although some customers have faced a message saying the website was “down for a bit of maintenance.”

PS5 fans have taken to social media to complain about the issues with one saying in a tweet, “Was seconds away from getting to a PS5 on Curry’s but the site 503’d and threw me out. Cracking open a fresh bottle of cham-pain.”

It’s worth noting that although Currys had limited PS5 stock the latest updates from the firm says that all consoles have now sold out. In a message to fans the retailer said, “We have now SOLD OUT of the PS5. Please keep an eye on our website for new console updates.”



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