A good laptop has never before been so crucial for education. Having a laptop which is slow or inefficient could make it easy to fall behind in virtual classes, plus make studying and assignments even more difficult and stressful than they would normally be.

There are enough factors making education hard at the moment without a faulty laptop adding undue stress. For seven laptops that can handle a uni lecture just as well as a Netflix sesh, keep scrolling through.

At just 1.1kg, this laptop is light and portable enough to be carried around throughout the day without feeling like you’re lugging around heavy equipment.

The PixelSense touchscreen display makes scrolling fun and adds extra security through the Fingerprint Power Button so you can ensure privacy.

The built-in 720p HD camera lets you put your best foot forward in video calls, whether that’s class on a virtual Hinge date.

Enjoy freedom with the 13 hours of battery life, allowing you to study from where’s comfortable, not where you can access an outlet.

Screen size: 12.4-inches


Storage: 128GB

4.6 stars from 80 ratings

RRP: £699, on sale now for £679 – you save £20

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With a big screen and weighing in at 1.5kg, you get the best of both worlds with this laptop that gives you a bigger than average screen while still being lightweight.

Pre-installed with Windows 10, this device is compatible with all kinds of office software and Adobe productivity software.

Screen size: 14.1-inches


Storage: 256GB

4.1 stars from 45 ratings

RRP: £399.99

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Coming with a year of Microsoft 365 pre-installed, this laptop will let students hit the ground running with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

Easily switch between streaming and studying (hopefully not too frequently) with the fast-running speed and large storage space.

Screen size: 13.3-inches


Storage: 256GB

4.2 stars from 2,629 ratings

RRP: £279.99, on sale now for £269.99 – you save £10

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Budget-friendly and efficient, this laptop will be sure to keep you entertained and productive wherever you go.

An 80 percent screen to body ratio means you get a larger screen on a smaller frame, so it’s still portable without compromising on user experience.

One reviewer on Amazon even went so far as to say “I can finally attend my classes and finish college” in their 5-star review of this laptop.

Screen size: 14-inches


Storage: 64GB

4.1 stars from 268 ratings

RRP: £239

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A huge screen size makes streaming content and studying on this HUAWEI laptop a premium experience.

Multi-screen collaboration software allows you to easily connect and project your phone and other devices to the laptop, and drag files between the two devices with ease.

Screen size: 15.6-inches


Storage: 256GB

4.6 stars from 757 ratings

RRP: £590

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Able to handle a full schedule of work, study, and entertainment with ease, this laptop is a good all-rounder with a huge amount of storage space and a huge HD screen.

One review on Argos from a teacher commends the laptop, saying: “I purchased this a couple of weeks ago to help with online/remote learning. “Since schools are closed and I needed the resources to get the children well equipped.

“This laptop has helped out tremendously and I don’t regret spending a penny on it. You have my 5 stars Acer.”

Screen size: 15.6-inches


Storage: 1TB

4.7 stars from 107 ratings

RRP: £349.99

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Despite the large screen size, this laptop weighs only 1.6kg so it’s easy to slip into your bag and take with you everywhere.

The full HD camera ensures you always look your best on video calls, and Windows 10 OS lets you multitask as much as you need to without slowing down.

Screen size: 15.6-inches


Storage: 256GB

4.7 stars from 214 ratings

RRP: £499.99

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