Unpacking the new blog post, ASOIAF expert BryndenBFish wrote of a possible Winds of Winter split.

He penned on an extremely popular Reddit post: “Since 2011, George has talked about how he plans for TWOW and ADOS to be ‘big books’ but now it’s less a ‘it will be this way’ and more of a ‘it IS this way.’

“Given the word similarities, I’d have to guess that the manuscript is huge. A few days after his ‘inch by inch’ post on his notablog, GRRM wrote that ADWD was thirty pages longer than the manuscript for A Storm of Swords, meaning that he had 1551 manuscript pages complete by then (Storm was 1521 manuscript pages in total). Could George be at that point? It seems possible!”

The expert pointed out how, in 2018, Martin even admitted on his blog that he was under pressure to break up The Winds of Winter.


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