What follows is a cacophony of superb horror and occult movie tropes, full of blood, gore, deceit, sex and outrageous setpieces.

Cage is beautifully deranged in Willy’s Wonderland. He effortlessly switches from dancing in the break room to brutally ripping pieces of his foes apart.

He really channels the same style of acting used in the aforementioned Mandy. By unleashing his inner madman Cage gives a convincing, thrilling and almost relatable portrayal of a guy completely fed up with his situation.

Really, the only thing about Cage’s performance which leaves something to be desired is the fact he has no dialogue and no real emotion.

The Janitor is devoid of any explanation as to what he wants or is feeling. This veil of mystery starts off intriguing but soon becomes a little uninspired. It feels like the character doesn’t actually have anything interesting about him.


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