Sir Rod released a new version of the song in 1989 as part of his Storyteller Anthology, which was then released in 1990 and received a great deal of attention and airplay in the USA, meaning it performed better in the charts than the first time.

Following this, Sir Rod reworked the song again for his 2004 tour, during which he sang it as a duet with singer Amy Belle.

The duet features on the concert DVD of this tour, meaning for many this has become the most well-loved version.

At the time of these songs being released, Sir Rod had ended his relationship with Dee Harrington and was embarking on a new relationship with Bond girl Britt Ekland.

It may be, while he did not write the lyrics, they were perhaps relevant to his situation and spoke to his own personal heartbreak.

However, given he has never spoken about this, it is hard to know if that is definitely accurate.


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